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Unity Aegis_UnityIt has been incredibly busy in the gun business of late. Locally and nationally there have been some tragic events that have caused this; the terrorist attacks, the accidental shooting at a local gun range, the cold-blooded murder of police officers in Dallas and Louisiana, the gun control rhetoric from our POTUS where he put blame on police during the memorial for their deaths. All of this as a demon tries to force her way to the helm of our country. There have been tough times for sure, but there are tougher times ahead. What Can We Do?It would seem there is no reasoning with those who align themselves with the left. If after the tragic events at a local shooting range you went to their Facebook page you will have undoubtedly seen the despicable comments that some had made with regard to the incident. I was sickened by the opportunistic nature of the attacks, but not surprised. It is abhorrently clear that they want our guns and it will only get worse if she gets into the Oval Office. I think former President Bush said it best, “We judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions.” This is the same for the gun community; we are being judged based on the actions of a psychopath terrorist who was being investigated by the FBI multiple times. The FBI failed the US, not the current gun regulation. I’m still optimistic she will find her way to prison before the election but nobody wants to die mysteriously so I‘m equal parts pessimistic. So, what can we do? We can all get out there and vote. I met someone at the gun show a few weeks ago in Palmetto; another vendor. When asked about voting by a customer they responded that they will never vote. (Insert expletive here)???!!! Every vote counts. As an individual my voice is quiet, but as a group our voices will be loud and clear. Use that right before Killary takes that away from you as well.Support the BlueWe serve police officers daily through the store and meet many at the gun shows on the road. These are extraordinary people who followed a calling that many others simply are not brave enough to. These men and women are great people, and they are just like you and me. The difference is that every day they really make a difference in our community, they keep us safe. It amazed me how those people who participated in the BLM march in Dallas rallying against police officers, soon took refuge and sought the help of the officers when the shit hit the fan. The irony is intoxicating. Simple tip for people; follow the instructions of the officer. If you do as they say, don’t resist arrest, don’t attempt to go for your weapon that is in your pocket, don’t try to endanger the lives of the police, then you will be fine. I have been pulled over on numerous occasions in different states; I’ve never been shot or arrested. Not once. The police officers were always very direct but I was always very respectful, kept my hands in plain sight and always explained my actions before I took them (I’m going to get my insurance from the glove box, is that ok?). Sure I’m perhaps over the top with it, but remember; I know I’m a good guy but the police officer has just met me, they don’t know that and there are plenty of videos that show what can happen if an officer is not prepared for the worst case.We are proud to be a Blue Label Glock Dealer. If you qualify for the Blue Label Program visit our shop for excellent pricing on Glock pistols. We also have some “Back the Blue” t-shirts in stock, $25 with money being sent to the police families in Texas and Louisiana as well as a local child in need of community support.Support Local Gun ShopsDo we want you to use Aegis Tactical as your go to shop for all of your 2nd amendment needs? Yes. But we also want you to show your support for the other reputable local gun shops too. What happened locally was tragic, but it was not the fault of the range staff. People shouldn’t fear going there, nor should they listen to anyone that would try to instill such fear in order to push their anti-gun agenda. We’re all in competition but we’re also brothers in all of this.One last thing about supporting local. We’ve had calls and questions quoting prices by online companies being cheaper than ours. Can we match it? Generally the answer is no. Local gun stores run off small margins and can rarely match bulk pricing online. Plus when you pay for shipping and transfer fees the savings are gone, the difference being you just sent your money to Omaha instead of Bradenton. The money we generate in part goes to our wages, inventory and local taxes. You buy from us and money stays in the community, it’s simple.TerrorismIn Orlando we lost a piece of freedom. I don’t give a shit if you agree with the LGBT lifestyle or not, they are people who deserve the same standard of life as anyone else. It was a hate crime, it was an act of terrorism, and it was fucking despicable. It will not however be the last we see of it. While Brexit offered some hope to our cousins across the pond that they can claim back what was once a glorious nation, it still showed the enormity of the task at hand. We separated from Britain a long time ago, let‘s not follow their lead down a dark path that will end in more loss of freedom and less security within our borders. Despite the denials of the British politicians, there are areas that the police will rarely go and only if they really need to. The immigration policy over the last 20 years was mishandled and as such there are some extremely dangerous people operating within the UK. The police force in the UK, no disrespect, but it’s a joke. They are powerless. The UK overall is virtually powerless; maintaining our power as a nation is far easier than taking power. The UK was once powerful but gave it all away. Now, if they want to take some of that back it will require a huge amount of force that in today’s society will likely not be tolerated. Let’s make sure we learn from our misguided relatives mistakes; let’s make America great again now before it is too late.Politics and BullshitFinal thoughts on politics. The 2 men shot by police that caused the “outrage”. One was a convicted felon that had a gun. Police responded to a report that he had threatened people with a gun. He didn’t comply with their orders. He was seen on camera attempting to get his gun from his pocket. He died. He could have avoided being killed by not breaking the law in the first place but also obeying the demands of the officers. He made some poor decisions that night and paid the ultimate price. The second individual had a concealed weapons license. He was stopped because he met the description of a robbery suspect. If you have a concealed weapons license, hand it over to the officer with your driver’s license and keep your hands where he/she can see them. If you start putting your hands in places they can’t see you are asking for trouble, whether you are good or bad. Oh, and when your boyfriend is laying there dying you go to Facebook Live? What is this world coming to? If you are in shock why in the hell would your first thought be, “live stream”?To all the people that get bent out of shape and want to protest based on a 20 second video that doesn’t show the entire incident, shame on you. The same as Obama; he can’t wait to start yapping before he knows what really happened. We must seek the truth before we draw conclusions, we must wait for the information to come before we make decisions. And so to those, including Obama, who say it is white officers that are shooting blacks and Hispanics on the streets; the officer that killed the man with the concealed weapons license was Hispanic and was clearly distraught that he felt he had no choice but to take such action. (TW)
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