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AEGIS15 AR15 Rifles Locally Made!

AEGIS15 Locally Made!After a year of constructing, developing, and validating the AEGIS15, this All-American rifle is the first ever made in Sarasota/Bradenton Florida by Aegis Tactical, in partnership with Armorit. The most common response is that this is plenty of gun for the $859 price.IMG_0080Originally, Armorit designed rifles for government use, however, the AEGIS15 is perfect for the mom or dad that wants something to protect themselves and use at the gun range.There are some terrific advantages with the AEGIS15, such as spending two days firing it over the weekend and not having to clean it on Monday. The AEGIS15 is black optics ready and can be customized to fit your needs. It is one of the best user friendly rifles around.The feel of the AEGIS15 is like a small gun, but the power is like nothing else on the market. This is attributed to the way it was built and the extensive time to create the perfect balance.What’s even more amazing is that the team at Aegis Tactical will assemble the rifle while you wait, teach you how to use it safely, and offer classes that will give you additional training to make sure you are properly firing this unique rifle.NOTE: It’s important that this rifle, or any gun you purchase is comfortable for you to use, otherwise you will have a weapon that you cannot properly control.There’s a limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees against all manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the AEGIS15.Instructors at Aegis Tactical are held to the highest standards and are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills to safely and proficiently handle the AEGIS15 while protecting yourself from the unknown.The goal is clear at Aegis, “Your personal safety and your family is our highest priority.”Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit:

3 thoughts on “AEGIS15 AR15 Rifles Locally Made!

  1. I’m in Canada. I’ll miss this sale but will stop by in Late September. Thanks for the info.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Is there a pistol version of the rifle?

  3. Any chance you’ll make a .308 variant of the rifle? I’d definitely be interested in one of those!

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