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AR15 Sales Decline, Time To Get That Deal

AR15 Sales Decline, Time To Get That Deal
After the election results concluded that our gun rights would at least be protected for another 4 years fear-driven AR-15 sales have declined. This decline is a problem for the manufacturers and dealers nationwide. But basic economics tells us that now could be the time to get a great deal on an exceptional rifle.

Build or Buy?

Go to any gun store (at least in a free state) and the shelves will be adorned for beautiful semi-automatic rifles. Everything from your standard or what I would call your base AR-15 to tricked out, high quality custom rifles. Which one is right for you? It’s all about preference and budget. $500 rifles will be in most gun owners’ safes, but a unique custom AR like a Cobalt Kinetics would be something that will attract plenty of attention at the gun range and is an absolute beauty to behold.

My first AR rifles were bought. I started with a base model and changed things as I became more familiar with the platform. The possibilities are virtually endless, and modifying and making your rifle unique is a hell of a lot of fun. WARNING: Modifying your rifle is incredibly addictive and is not for the weak minded.

More recently I turned to building AR-15s. There is something truly satisfying with piecing together a zombified work of art, matching high quality parts from multiple manufacturers. The thing to remember with this is that when you buy a rifle from a manufacturer they have tested that rifle as one entity for quality. When you build you are utilizing individually tested parts but ones that have not been tested together. Head spacing, dwell time (especially if building an AR pistol) are all essential checks that need to be made. We always recommend having a certified gunsmith double check your work. There’s nothing worse than spending a few grand on an awesome AR build to have a disastrous malfunction the first time you try to shoot it.

Multiple Uses

AR-15s have a lot of uses. Switching out barrels (though generally people just keep separate uppers) you can go between 5.56 and 300blk. 300blk has proven very effective for hunting. The increased popularity of 3-gun competition has led to lightweight variants coming to the forefront designed for quick transitions and speed shooting. The emergence of the AR pistol in order to bypass the NFA has also made for a CQB-style AR that can be used for home defense. Not debating whether it’s the perfect home defense gun (we have a blog on that too) just that it’s being considered by many across the country for that use.

Get The Deal

When you buy from Aegis Tactical you can rest assured you are getting the best deal. We price match everywhere we can. We’re a small business and we appreciate you for using us to fulfill your habit. Get a great deal on an AR-15 at Aegis Tactical; we also stock accessories and when you buy from us we’ll install them for you.

Bottom line, manufacturers and distributors are trying to make their prices more attractive and we are passing those savings on to the customer. Stop in and talk to us about your next AR build, buy or modification.

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