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HK VP9 – Review

HK VP9 – Review

Heckler & Koch is a legendary manufacturer adorned by special forces all around the world. A high-end maker of some of the finest firearms on the planet, they are seen by many as the epitome of tactical weaponry. With the release of the VP9 in 2014 they didn’t just dip their feet in the waters of the striker-fired pistols, they went head first into the ocean of competition. As the pioneer of the original polymer-framed pistols in the VP70, they know a thing or two about the market and wanted to prove that they can compete with the best in a fast emerging striker-fired market that has become the go-to style firearm for today’s modern shooters.


With interchangeable back and side-straps the VP9 is adaptable to any hand. The VP9 feels excellent and offers an assured grip when handling the weapon; when we talk about fit vs. function HK were able to satisfy both. The firearm has fully ambidextrous features and also has a paddle-style mag release. The magazine release does take a little getting used to for those who are more familiar with the regular pad-style, however with a little muscle memory this difference becomes largely irrelevant.


When the VP9 was released there was only one place it wanted to be in its market segment; top dog. In order to achieve this HK knew that their trigger had to be outstanding out of the box. They did not disappoint. In my opinion the VP9 has the best trigger of all striker-fired compact-sized pistols. The break is truly amazing; crisp, consistent and most of all it allows for supreme accuracy for even the most pull- or push-happy shooters. The lull-weight on the trigger is approximately 5.5-6lbs; just where you would want to be for a defensive striker-fired handgun.


The accuracy of the VP9 is astounding. I acknowledge that this and most other guns will always outshoot the shooter, but let’s be honest, some just work better for the marksman than others. This pistol is a tack driver. With a 4.09” polygonal rifled barrel you will be on target with effortless ease. And with a much-touted low bore axis follow-up shots are sharp and precise.


Having fired a few thousand rounds through mine I’m yet to have a single malfunction with the VP9. I haven’t put it through the ringer like some testers have, however I’ve fired everything from cheap ammo to defense rounds and the gun has performed flawlessly. Some firearms can be sensitive to certain types of ammo but this pistol runs like a champ.

Concealed Carry or Nightstand Only?

Comparable in size to the Glock 19, Sig P320 and Walther PPQ this handgun is absolutely concealable; it just depends on the body type and clothing that will be adorned during such an endeavor. With the right holster (see Spider Concealment Tuck N Go IWB for HK VP9) it can be concealed with relative ease.

The VP9 also makes for a highly effective nightstand self-defense firearm too. With a double-stack 15 round capacity magazine and an almost 6.5” sight radius you will be able to utilize this gun to fight off a number of would-be criminals that wish to cause harm to you and your family.

Availability of Aftermarket Parts

One of the difficulties that most if not all manufacturers face when competing with Glock in this segment is the availability of parts and accessories. One of a number of reasons that draws buyers to Glocks is the perceived ease by which you can change so much for very little money. Triggers, sights, barrels you name it and there are multiple companies vying for position in the Glock aftermarket “industry”. Well, two years after its release VP9 parts are becoming easier to get ahold of. As an owner of one of these fine pistols this is great news. I’m yet to find any aftermarket trigger assemblies (though I’ll admit I’ve not looked as the trigger need not be changed) but sights, barrels, magazine extensions etc. are all being made by a number of different companies and therefore the availability is growing.

Final Thoughts

The HK VP9 is one badass pistol. A gun that is near perfection straight from the box you will not regret adding it to your collection. Check out our current offerings of the HK VP9 today. (TW)

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Holster Review: Spider Concealment “Tuck and Go” IWB

Holster Review: Spider Concealment “Tuck and Go” IWB

spider_concealment_holstersA few weeks ago we caused a little uproar on the interwebs when we misquoted the potential impact of using Kydex thermo-plastic material. We released a new video to correct those mistakes and thankfully resolved all of that. The silver lining to the whole affair was that we were contacted by a local company who sent us one of their holsters to sample.

Spider Concealment is a family based company based out of Hudson, FL that specializes in custom made Kydex holsters. They offer a range of options to meet your concealment needs and back it up with a lifetime warranty. All of their holsters are test-fitted to the actual firearm prior to leaving the facility to ensure proper form and fitment and they are handmade right here in the USA.

Fit and Function

We received the Tuck and Go IWB holster made for a Glock 43. My 43, as expected, fit perfectly. The level of retention and stability instills confidence that the gun will stay in place but was also easy to draw upon breaking concealment. It offers a higher sweatguard which I found to be beneficial and the edges were rounded to give all round comfort to the wearer. The tuckable j-clip is strong and worked excellently on my carry belt but was easy to remove when you are calling it a day. The reference to tuckable versus non-tuckable is that with this holster you can tuck your shirt into your pants and have only the clip on your belt showing.

I utilized the holster in two prominent positions; appendix and 4 o’clock. I’ve previously struggled carrying appendix due to what my good friend Madison calls my “fat belly”. Thanks to a few months at the gym and this slim-line holster I am now able to comfortably carry my 43 in this position. Daily tasks such as work, short and long journeys in the car and general “man stuff” are easy in this position; those nice rounded edges were smooth and I didn’t notice it was there.

The cant is adjustable to suit your needs and the depth of concealment can be changed in an instant. This holster is also ambidextrous.

Material Quality

The quality of this holster is simply first-rate. Made with CNC precision cut aluminum molds, you can see no expense has been spared. As stated before all holsters are tested prior to release; if the maker does not like the final product it is scrapped. The quality control is second to none and the lifetime warranty backs it up tenfold.

The Kydex is .080” thickness which has become the standard for concealed carry requirements and it is polished for a smooth internal interface between holster and gun. This holster will not damage the finish on your firearm. And because it is thermo-molded using high precision equipment it will not lose its shape over time either.


By now you may be wondering how big of a hole this will leave in your pocket. Well Spider Concealment’s mission is to provide a quality product at a price that won’t break the bank and boy do they deliver. The Tuck and Go is priced at only $45. While you can find many similar alternatives you will not find anything that beats this kind of pricing/quality combination.

AA Rating?

This product absolutely receives our highest rating; Aegis-Approved. You will be satisfied with all aspects of SC’s product offerings and knowing that the money stays within our local community is always positive. I would like to personally thank the team at Spider Concealment for giving us the opportunity to test this holster. As a disclaimer; we were not paid to write this review nor do we have any interest or financial stake in the Spider Concealment brand. (TW)

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Friends of NRA Lakewood Ranch Dinner

Friends of NRA Lakewood Ranch Dinner

img_5669As I sat this evening watching the second Presidential Debate for the 2016 Election I found myself fearful of an outcome in just a few short weeks that could set off a cataclysmic change to our country. There are a number of policies over the years that have changed and are not set in stone; they change and grow as we grow as a nation. However there is one thing that cannot and quite frankly must not change, and that is our right to bear arms. The NRA has been protecting your rights against blind-sighted and unambiguously corrupt politicians for decades; but now more than ever they need our help. Supporting your local Friends of NRA Lakewood Ranch event, this Thursday October 13th will help ensure they can continue to protect our rights so we can protect ourselves in the future.

What is Friends of NRA?

Unlike the Clinton Global Initiative the Friends of NRA events have established directives and clear objectives. It is a function that brings together people with a clear vision of the future; fundraising for the future of shooting sports. Since its inception over $600 million has been raised that has gone directly to youth firearms safety programs, women’s training seminars, wildlife conservation as well as many other excellent projects.

Funds raised by the Friends of NRA events go to the NRA Foundation. 50% of the funds raised within the state go directly to that state for programs as listed above; the rest goes to projects with a national scope that protect us on a broader level.

What Can You Expect at a Friends of NRA Event?

There is something for everyone at a Friends of NRA event. There are auctions and raffle items to be won, exclusive merchandise available for purchase as well as delicious food to enjoy with family and friends. You’ll also get to meet other likeminded members of your community who want to secure the future of the second amendment.

How Can You Get Involved?

It is not too late to get involved in this wonderful event being held on Thursday October 13, 2016 starting at 6pm at the Polo Fete Grill in Lakewood Ranch. Tickets are still available as are raffle tickets for the Kel-Tec PMR 30 and CMR 30. Purchasing is very simple; either online here or stop by Aegis Tactical during normal business hours this week. Dinner tickets are $60 per person or $480 for a table (8 tickets) and the raffle tickets are $10 each or 3 for $20. There are a total of 300 tickets available; the funds will go to the NRA Foundation and you could walk away with both guns (yes both are included in the single raffle!).

A lot of fun will be had and we will be there supporting the cause. We hope to see you there too. (TW)

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Concealed Carry: The Best Option

Concealed Carry: The Best OptionIMG_1538For a short-lived period of time it seemed as though the open carrying of a firearm was gaining momentum in the state of Florida. There was a lot of support on the outskirts, however ultimately it was a tough battle that didn’t make it through the House vote. There are two parts to this that I will discuss; firstly should open carry be legal and secondly should you open carry? They are two very different things, so bear with me on this one.Should Open-Carry be Legal?Whether or not you would actually open carry is irrelevant; the question initially is should it be legal? Should the Government be able to tell us how we must carry our legally owned firearms? It’s a poorly asked question because they clearly already do tell us, however I believe they should not have that authority. We should have the choice; as upstanding citizens we should have absolute control over that decision. If we believe the Government should be making these decisions for us then God help us because then we really are screwed. One of the arguments against open carry is that we’ll soon become like the Old Wild West and the country will descend into chaos… Firstly look to the states that have already allowed open carry for assurance that this will not happen but also look around us; this country has already been sent into the throws of despair and it is not at the hands of the law abiding citizen.Should You Open-Carry?While I strongly believe we should have the right to open-carry I would say that in general I would choose not to. My reasoning is that open-carry for the most part goes against some of my motives for carrying a firearm in the first place. It will also take away some of the main advantages of concealed carry.Becoming a Potential TargetIf you are in a store and it is being “cased” by a would-be criminal, your open-for-everyone-and-their-blind-grandmother-to-see-carry firearm makes you the number one threat. You will be the one they shoot in the back of the head at point blank range once they begin their crime spree, take your gun and likely kill whoever you are with as collateral damage. A little extreme but you get the point.Lost Element of SurpriseWhat makes concealed carry so effective is that the criminals do not know who is and isn’t armed; this is advantage good guys. Maintaining the element of surprise can be the difference between making it out alive and being the first victim. If they don’t see you as a threat then there is a higher chance you won’t be the target initially; this may give you enough time to effectively stop the threat and/or take cover from it.Environmental AwarenessCarrying a firearm in public requires a number of things; discipline, crystal clear thinking, training and focus. Analyzing your surroundings and modifying your behaviors becomes paramount when you are open-carrying. There are numerous examples out there but basically you can leave yourself open to having your gun swiped by an opportunistic POS criminal. Are you going to chase down the perp that just stole your gun from you? Now you’ve already proven you’re a dumbass by lacking focus and situational awareness so I guess maybe you would. We should never switch off; we should always be 100% prepared, ready and aware. But sometimes it happens; open-carrying is less forgiving in the wrong situation.From my perspective the risk does not outweigh the reward for open-carry. I am however an advocate for it and would absolutely vote to support it. But why support something you would never or at most rarely do? In my opinion the right of the people is more important than anything else. And the less the Government is involved in our daily decisions the better; this is a free country and We The People are what make it great. It is up to us as reasonable and responsible gun owners of good moral fiber to make the right decision. I might not choose to open-carry but I would never begrudge anyone for doing so. (TW)
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Coming to a Gun Show near You!

Coming to a Gun Show near You!IMG_4656Aegis Tactical has been increasing our presence at gun shows across the state of Florida. We’ve been increasing our visibility and coming out to meet our customers in their local neighborhoods ranging from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale. We use a few different show hosts and our aim to make new contacts within the gun community and let customers know who we are and what we are about.Things to know about Gun ShowsWhen I first went to a gun show a few years ago I was preparing myself to get an incredible deal on an AR15; I was surprised and disappointed at the high prices when I got inside. It was my first gun show so naturally I got a bit excited and picked up a good gun but it was no Aegis15 and to this day I’m still kicking myself. You really need to be prepared, so research your prices and go in knowing what you should be paying for the firearm you want. Use Google and our website (if we have it in stock why not save your time and buy it from us for the best price and save the entrance and parking fee for a box of ammo). Know that when you come to the Aegis stand the prices are the same as they are in our Bradenton store in Lakewood Ranch; we do not increase them to cover the costs of the show nor do we charge extra if you didn’t bring enough cash with you and want to use a credit card. The price you see, plus tax and background check, is the price you get. And our prices are the most competitive.Realistic Price for a Quality FirearmWe all have a budget and our buying decisions are always driven by it. But when you come to our stand and ask if we sell guns for $100-$150; I’m sorry that isn’t a budget it’s a death wish. A $100 gun is going to be a POS without a doubt. We sell some revolvers at the $250 mark and a few striker-fired pistols for around $300, but I really wouldn’t recommend going any lower than that. With everything else equal, the price you pay will have a direct implication as to the quality of the gun. And sometimes, just sometimes, that “crazy good deal” you think you just got is actually a used gun and is not a good deal at all. Remember there isn’t a great deal of markup on gun firearms so if the price is $100 under retail price that gun is being sold (if it really is new) for a loss. Do businesses stay around when take losses on their inventory? No. Bottom line, a good quality gun will have a proportionate cost.Come and Meet UsWe want to meet people, our current and future customers. Look for our stand and say hello! We love to see the people we have previously served and make sure you are doing well; it’s not just so you’ll buy from us again, it’s because you’re part of the Aegis family now and we take care of our own. I’ve never claimed to be an expert on guns, because simply I’m not. I love guns and I know some stuff about them, but Joe, he is the fucking man. He is the kind of store owner you’d be lucky to meet at the gun show; he knows his shit and he’ll always be honest with you. He’s a big, gorilla-strong, scary looking motherfucker but he’s the coolest guy you’ll ever meet and he always leave you feeling satisfied (that’s what she said) with your gun-buying decision.The first thing we hear at the gun show from those familiar with Aegis is, oh I didn’t know you were going to be here! Well now you’ve been put on notice, but also remember we’re at the shop 7 days a week so come visit us there too.
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Selecting the Best Home Defense Weapon

Selecting the Best Home Defense Weaponhome_defenceThere are many opinions as to the best home defense weapon. At the gun shows we are asked regularly what we recommend; the answer is not quite so simple. Depending on the individual, the type of home, the specific scenario and a number of other factors the optimal weapon can vary. You need to consider the most likely entry points in your home; the front door, side window, sliding patio door etc. And then also think about where the fire fight may take place; what rooms are directly behind the attacker, are there windows that could bring the neighbors into the loop, could anyone come out of a bedroom and directly into the firing line etc. Ultimately whatever decision you make you have to understand and acknowledge the drawbacks that come along with your choice and plan accordingly.ManeuverabilityThe shotgun is the infamous home defense gun. The unmistakable sound of the pump action sends chills through many a would-be thief. The maiming capability of a trusty 12ga is well documented; it might not send the assailant flying across the room like in the movies however it will leave gaping wounds and heavy blood loss that will quickly incapacitate the attacker. But it is heavy, long and may be harder to manipulate in a CQB situation. There are agencies however that swear by a tactical-style shotgun so it can be hugely successful; you just have to ask yourself if you are as well trained and disciplined as the professionals. Think about the layout of your home; is it open plan or are there lots of corners and narrow walkways you have to navigate? If it is the latter, run a simulation. A shotgun is not a guaranteed one shot one kill firearm, especially against a drug-fueled maniac barreling down your hallway at 3 in the morning; practice fast follow-up shots to minimize the chances of the attacker getting to you before you can fire the second round off.The AR-15 has risen in popularity for home defense. More similar in size to the shotgun than a handgun, the AR can suffer some of the same drawbacks in maneuverability. There are however AR pistols and SBR options which are perhaps more suitable for CQB encounters and generally the weight of the rifle will be around 6lbs provided you haven’t gone completely tacticool. The light recoil definitely makes follow-up shots easy, and a nice optic will make for easy sight acquisition. Just ensure that your location will allow for easy movement and drawing capability of a longer firearm. As with the shotgun you must also consider storage. Can you safely keep it next to your bed with easy access, or does it need to go in a safe? Can you reach the gun before the intruder reaches you? Just something you need to consider..The handgun is the easiest firearm to maneuver; it’s light, compact and easy to fire one-handed. Not getting into a caliber debate but I do recommend 9mm or above for home defense. I would also recommend reaching for a compact or full size firearm. Leave your Glock 43 for carry; put your Glock 17 on the nightstand. Why? No loss of maneuverability but added benefits such as better recoil management for faster and more accurate follow-up shots and as we will now move on to, larger magazine capacity. With night sights and an attached tac-light you will be able to maneuver around the house with ease.Magazine CapacityThe lowest capacity of the options listed, a shotgun will have a 5-7 round tube capacity. Realistically this should be fine, but personally I prefer to have something I don’t need rather than need something I don’t have. Going a little further, you’re either semi-auto or pump-action. Pump-action is legendary, iconic and all round badass. In a home defense scenario however those deliberate actions could create vulnerability in follow-up shots; if you miss with the first shot and the attacker is coming at you, think about how long it will take to get that second shot ready. The shot pattern in CQB is also a lot tighter; it’s not quite as simple as “point in the general direction and pull the trigger”.Providing you don’t live in a communist state (where all of the crime occurs; coincidence?) the AR-15 has an excellent 30-round or more magazine capacity. Semi-automatic, the shots will just roll off the crisp trigger. You will never have a problem from a capacity perspective.Much like the AR-15 the compact and full-size handguns have a larger capacity; depending on the caliber, 12-19 rounds. You can also purchase extended magazines from a number of manufacturers that are upward of 20-30-rounds. I use an “extendo clip” and when asked why, I respond why not? I’m not trying to conceal it. I’m going to use it to protect the lives of my family if someone breaks into my home and puts them in danger. If the intruder is hyped up on PCP it may take more rounds to stop them; again I would rather have a few left over than be left needing a few more.    Over-PenetrationA good friend of mine once said, “Tom, you can never have too much penetration.” It was Jenna Jameson. Ok so she wasn’t really a good friend, but I do know her. Ok so I don’t know her, and maybe I was stretching the truth when I said she had said that to me; I would usually hit the mute button anyway so she could have said it at some point, but I digress.Over-penetration must be considered in your home defense setup. If you have children or other family members in various locations within the house, during a home invasion they could come into the fray and not be in the same area. A lot of rounds have the potential for over-penetration. Slugs can over-penetrate and also add the challenge of requiring better aim (it doesn’t hurt them if you miss I guess). Buckshot can also over-penetrate but would be my preference for a shotgun round; something designed for home defense. Still at risk, but less so now.The .223/5.56 rounds are also capable of over-penetration. However upon hitting its target it will generally deform, fragment (to a certain degree) and greatly slow. There are now home defense rounds specifically for ARs that, just like the others, attempt to mitigate some of the risk involved. Just understand the risk of over-penetration cannot be fully removed if the round is to maintain effective stopping power, in any caliber.The pistol rounds have shown historically a potential for over-penetration than any of the other rounds. Target rounds are the worst for this but even some types of hollow point have been known to “ball up” when coming into contact with walls inside the house. Hollow-point ammo is preferred however, and offers the best stopping power and devastating wound creation.You are all probably waiting with baited breath to see what I choose. Well sorry to disappoint but I use a combination. I have a handgun as my primary with the night sights and extended mag on the nightstand. I then have an AR-15 in a location I have designated as the last stand. No matter the scenario I have determined that I will always be able to reach it (unless I am killed, in which case my girl will have the AR ready to unload on a motherfucker). Again I ask, why not? I own all 3 styles of weapons; why can’t I have a home defense setup that actually allows me to make choices as the fight progresses? The internet always wants you to choose the best. But there is no single best weapon for home defense due to the varying factors that could be involved. Whatever you select, train with it, run drills and acknowledge its strengths and limitations in any given scenario. (TW)
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The Hidden Costs of Buying Cheap Ammo

The Hidden Costs of Buying Cheap Ammosquib_loadThe debate over the best ammo has been raging on all over the interwebs for a long time and is hotter than a +P+ round. But while most gun owners seem to be more than willing to spend their well-earned dollars on the self-defense rounds, we all become tighter than a duck’s ass when it comes to spending money for target practice. The idea of saving money leads many an otherwise responsible gun owner to seek out cheap factory or –ahem– reload ammo. Using the cheap ammo can put you and your beloved gun at risk. The inherent dangers, specifically squib loads, will be discussed after which you will need to consider whether it’s worth risking your firearm to save a few dollars.BackgroundWe have had several customers visit us at the shop recently with ammo issues perceived as gun problems. We’ve seen some trivial misfire concerns likely caused by faulty primers and gunpowder; these were easily solved by throwing the shitty reload ammo in the trash that was bought at a gun show. More startling however we received a firearm where the initial diagnosis from a non-qualified gunsmith at a gun range was that the upper we had sold was “no good”. At the range, the workers had tried to help the customer reload the firearm and attempted to shoot it but couldn’t get it to work. We duly helped the customer and, after Russell (our real gunsmith) spent all of 2 seconds disassembling the weapon found a bullet lodged in the barrel- good thing they were unable to get the next round in the chamber. Two main points here; 1) Be wary of “pros” at the gun range, and 2) Stay focused when shooting. Be aware of odd sounds; spent casings that do not eject; a gun that does not fully cycle upon firing; a click rather than a bang when you pull the trigger etc. These are all warning signs that something didn’t occur how it was intended and the next steps you take are vital to your safety and the future functionality of your firearm. So let’s look at the squib load.Beware the Squib LoadYou’re at the gun range and you’re firing your new Glock 19 Gen4. The gun looks badass in the BFG finish (we received a new shipment this week – I need one Joe!) and you’re shooting is smooth and precise. However the gun malfunctions; it doesn’t cycle, you hear a click and fizzing sound rather than a regular bang and the spent casing is not ejected. Was this a simple FTF? You aren’t sure. At this point DO NOT rack the slide and try to fire another round. Safely remove the magazine, disassemble the firearm and check the barrel for blockage.A squib load is when the pressure produced by the gunpowder is not great enough to force the projectile (bullet) out of the barrel. Instead it becomes lodged within the barrel. If you rack the slide, chamber a new round and pull the trigger the pressure from the new round will not be able to exit via its usual route (muzzle). Using simple physics the pressure will be expelled where there is least resistance; that will now be closer to the breach which is not good. The catastrophic failure will cause irreparable damage to your firearm and could cause you great harm.What Causes a Squib Load and What To Do When you Experience One?There are a few causes, and it happens in the manufacturing process. More than likely it’s caused by one of the following factors; a bad primer or insufficient gunpowder. This is why the use of reloads should be at your discretion; I would never recommend purchasing reload ammo. NOTE: If you are an avid reloader and do this yourself that’s another story. When you buy reloads at a gun show you don’t know what you’re getting into; why risk your own health and your beloved firearm in order to save a small amount of money? This is not to say you cannot get squib loads in factory ammo because you absolutely can. In cheap ammo it is more likely because the quality system is simply not as controlled as that for better ammunition. Your chances of squib loads are greatly reduced however when buying factory loaded ammo.If you are unfortunate enough to experience a squib load there are a few things you need to do immediately. As stated above you must not attempt to fire another round through the firearm until the malfunction has been determined. If a squib load is then confirmed you are not out of the woods just yet. You must have a qualified gunsmith inspect the firearm. If you are at a gun range and they do not have a qualified gunsmith, DO NOT take their word that the firearm is “probably fine”. They have no idea what they are talking about and you need to consult a specialist to be sure that you are safe. There is a possibility that the structural integrity of the internal parts of the firearm are damaged and to continue firing after clearing a squib is dangerous without having a gunsmith doing a full inspection.ConclusionIf you look at your firearms manual you will likely find a reference to the use of reloads; it voids your warranty. Now some may argue that warranty on a gun is irrelevant and it will work just fine; you could well be right. If you load your own rounds and inspect fully the casing, gunpowder weight and primer then you will probably be okay; but remember you are your quality control inspector. When you buy reloads from somewhere else, you just do not know what process was followed, and in that situation the risk outweighs the benefit.The point we’re trying to make is that firearms can be ineffective and outright dangerous to the user when you load them with cheap, nasty ammo. Only use reputable brands and beware the “seconds”; whether you believe they exist or not it is something you do need to be aware of. Statistically all factory loaded ammo could have issues, however the higher grade components and subsequently more stringent testing performed by more reputable companies greatly diminishes the risk. And if you aren’t sure, ask a gun store owner who deals in ammo all day every day. Do yourself a favor; spend the extra money to buy some good target ammo, even if it’s just for practice.squib_load (1) squib_load (3)squib_load (2)
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CWL Certification: Why Choose Aegis Tactical?

CWL Certification: Why Choose Aegis Tactical?florida_concealed_carry_classOver the last few months we have been asked by some customers why they can find cheaper classes for Concealed Weapons License certification. The answer is simple: real value and quality of service. For Aegis Tactical, certifying students for concealed carry provides us the opportunity to inform, train and arm responsible adults in our community and prepare them for the reality and legalities of using a firearm for self-defense. We refuse to do the minimum; we create an “above and beyond” experience that shares exceptional knowledge, skills and wisdom in order to deliver superior service to our clients. So, what can you expect when you take a CWL class with Aegis Tactical?The Best Client-Oriented InstructorsAt Aegis Tactical we don’t just read from a list of generic guidelines that meet the minimum requirement; we answer your questions, tailor the experience to exceed your specific needs and also ensure you leave feeling confident in your ability to defend yourself should the situation ever arise. We also emphasize the ability to explain, within the context of the law, why it was necessary to take the actions you did.Our certified instructors have backgrounds in Law Enforcement, NRA Certified LE Firearms Instruction, Firearms and Tactical SME, CQB Instruction and more. They use their own experiences as well as those of others to teach about the responsibility of being a gun-carrying individual. Not only are you in very capable hands, you are also going to be in an environment that encourages learning and individual development.We also offer a class “For Women By Women”. As the name suggests this is a class for women only that removes the anxiety that some women may experience when entering an industry that has been typically identified as male dominant (even though this is changing rapidly). Here you will find Lindsey, our certified female instructor who will deliver everything you need to ensure you have an excellent experience with your friends, family and new friends you meet in the class. Don’t let Lindsey’s sweet smile and relaxed nature deceive you; she is a true badass and an excellent marksman who will ensure you receive the level of education and training needed to be a competent CWL holder. Sign up with a friend for the For Women By Women class Here today to receive Buy One Get One Free good through June 30th! Use coupon code “lindseyguns”.Basic Firearms ProficiencyWhether you are a beginner or advanced shooter, Firearms Proficiency is imperative. A firearm is a powerful tool, and just like any other tool if used improperly can be deadly to yourself and others. The 4 tenets of firearm safety are renowned throughout the gun industry and will be emphasized continually throughout the course*. You will be shown how to properly handle, operate and safely disassemble your firearm. The fact is these basic skills are paramount to you being able to effectively carry and use your firearm in a safe manner during routine operation and in a self-defense situation. The instructors will also discuss ammunition safety and being able to identify such things as the sound of a squib round or a potential hang fire and the inherent dangers thereof.*The 4 tenets of gun safety:
  1. Keep your gun pointed in a safe direction. (Treat every gun as if it is loaded.)
  2. Keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot.
  3. Keep your gun unloaded and secured until you’re ready to use it.
  4. Be certain of your target and what is behind it.
The Legal QuagmireAt Aegis Tactical we recognize that knowledge of the laws that surround legally arming yourself is vital to your ability to continue to protect yourself and your family. While we cannot say for sure exactly how you will react during a life or death situation, we can provide you with the knowledge, skill and continued training (through our individual firearms training classes) so that your decision making process may be speedy enough and steadfast when you need it most. Our instructors, with firsthand knowledge of these difficult and stressful situations through their Law Enforcement and Military training experiences can walk you through the potential scenarios as well as test your knowledge gained based on the learnings of the class. The extensive nature of our class is also something that you can show as evidence in a court of law to prove you are a responsible individual and took a course that promoted safety and good decision making when presented with a threat.One last thing; with firearm ownership and use comes great responsibility. Laws change and also differ from state to state. Ultimately you are responsible for knowing what you legally can and cannot do. The decision to carry and conceal a firearm knowing that one day you may have to use it to protect your own life or that of another is quite possibly the biggest of your life. At Aegis Tactical we offer the best training and advice that should hold you in good stead should that need to protect yourself arise. When a life is taken, whether justifiably or otherwise, questions will be asked. Being able to show that you acted in a levelheaded manner (given the situation) and took reasonable action to avert the threat before being forced to use deadly force is vital. Know this; for as long as the nauseating stench of liberal anti-gun bullshit permeates throughout America, they will continue to question whether we should be allowed to protect ourselves with the use of deadly force. To effectively combat this we need to ensure we remain well informed, well trained and use good judgment. Your first step in good judgment will be to book a CWL Class with us today. (TW)
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Should You Leave Your Gun In The Car?

Should You Leave Your Gun In The Car?aegis_guns_vehicleWe’ve all been there; you’re out running errands and you realize you are heading somewhere where firearms are not allowed. Whether it’s the post office or your kids’ school you can’t legally take your gun with you. So you have a choice to make; don’t bring your handgun with you for any of your trip or leave it in the car when needed. You may also feel you have no choice but to leave your firearm in the car wherever you go if you do not have a CWL. So is it a good idea to leave your firearm in the car? I’m not here to say that you shouldn’t keep a gun in the car, I just want to ensure we look at this practice for what it is; a calculated risk.Get Your CWLFirst things first, get your CWL. There is no excuse for you to have not already done this; JFDI (just…do it). Click Here to schedule the class today with one of our excellent instructors at Aegis Tactical. This removes most of the anxiety in leaving a firearm in your vehicle because 99% of the time you will no longer need to. You will carry your self-defense gun concealed and have it readily available when you need to protect yourself and your family. Note that there will be instances where you still cannot take your firearm with you.Compact SafeAs discussed in our blog last week there are a number of compact mobile safes that could be used to house your firearm in your vehicle when you have no choice but to leave it behind. The glove compartment can be locked but can also be easily broken into during a smash and grab. I would recommend using a MicroVault-style safe under the seat and attached (with the steel cable) to the main bracket. This won’t stop a professional but it should stall the opportunist thief just long enough to hopefully prevent them from stealing your firearm. At the same time if the vehicle is stolen, the firearm is likely gone forever; a mobile safe is only a deterrent, it won’t stop a pro that came prepared with bolt cutters.Anti-Gun Retail Outlets: Know your state laws regarding where you can and cannot carry a concealed firearm so you don’t feel the pressure from these political moves. Recently a number of retail outlets and restaurants have started posting No Guns Allowed stickers on their doors. In most cases you are under no legal obligation to abide by this request; again check your state laws to confirm. The premise of carrying concealed is that nobody knows you have your firearm anyway so you really shouldn’t have any issue in those places if you are doing it right. However if they see you are carrying and ask you to leave, then you have a different problem entirely if you refuse.Plan AheadYou’ve decided you need to go to the post office, so you leave your gun in the car. If you are in a bad area of town known for higher rates of crime and you have to park your vehicle in a secluded spot, perhaps rethink the necessity of the visit at that very moment. Is there a different location in a safer area where your vehicle is less likely to be broken into or stolen? Can you wait for another day even and leave your firearm at home this time? This is now an ethical decision; as the owner of your firearm you are responsible for its safe keeping. Just like negligent discharge, there are steps you can take in order to minimize the potential for something bad to happen. Example: You want to swim in the ocean today; is your need to swim so great that you’d jump into shark-infested waters at dusk? Assess the risk and ask yourself if the perceived benefit is worth it.DiscretionDon’t let the COPS TV show fool you; not all criminals are stupid meth addicts. In fact, some are artfully devious and cunning and could outwit you without your knowledge. I think we can all agree it would be a very bad idea to leave your car unlocked and your gun on the dashboard for all to see. However there are a multitude of other factors that criminals can home in on prior to targeting you. If I saw a car with the following bumper stickers; Feel the Bern, Legalize Pot and $15 Minimum Wage, I think it reasonable to assume I could break into the car and find a bong, a McDonald’s uniform and a tie-dye hoodie (maybe even a pamphlet on how wealth redistribution works too). Likewise if your car is emblazoned with Clint Eastwood quotes, Spartan heads and gun stickers it creates a perception that could make you a potential target. So again while there is nothing wrong with doing this, just understand that it tells people you like guns, probably have guns and quite possibly have one with you that could be left in the car; this makes you an attractive prospect to a criminal. This is why I wouldn’t recommend moving the gun to the trunk when you exit the vehicle for storing; if someone is prospecting you, now they have confirmation that you have something valuable.I must add here a note on social media. Today’s American people are far too happy to give away all their personal information on sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Know that when a criminal is looking at your page and sees your new SilencerCo. Osprey 45 and then sees your car, license plate and home address they are adding you to a list. When they check back in and see you posting pics while you vacation in Hawaii, they might just stop by and leave you having to explain to the ATF what the hell happened to your suppressor.Ultimately the decision to leave your gun in the car, whether for a short period of time or longer is yours to make. Just understand that with each factor and variable comes a risk association; none of which go for you, just some are less unfavorable than others. As responsible gun owners we have a duty to keep guns out of the hands of criminals; let’s not make it easy for those bastards. (TW)
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Home Defense: Are You Prepared?

 Home Defense: Are You Prepared?home_defense_prepared_aegis_tacticalYou are abruptly awoken in the dead of the night to the deafening tone of your home alarm system. You don’t remember where you left your glasses and can’t see a God damn thing as you frantically search for your handgun in pitch darkness. You find your pistol but still can’t see anything, especially since you passed on those gimmicky Trijicon tritium night sights. You usher your better half into the closet and tell them to stay low. You remember you left your glasses next to the bathroom sink; you open the door and knock the toothbrush holder onto the floor. Your heart pumps out of your chest as you prepare for the bedroom door to open. You stare intently at the door handle, waiting for any kind of movement at all. The silence is deafening. You wait for what seems an eternity and yet nothing happens. It was a false alarm; caused by a delay in activating the security system via your mobile app and the control unit receiving the signal. What a fucking relief; and also a complete failure.Neglecting to make a plan and training to it on a regular basis can be the difference between you telling the events of a home invasion versus having the police explain to your relatives what they believe happened to you on that fateful night. You won’t always get a warning like a home alarm and often times the situation can appear so quickly there is no time to execute your plan. Sometimes you just need quick and easy access to your home defense gun and hope you make it out alive. Here are some tips on the best ways to be prepared for the worst case scenario.NOTE: We are assuming the home defense weapon selected is a handgun as it is the most popular choice of home defense gun in the US.Back to BasicsGun safety is the first priority. Before any weapon is brought into the household everyone under your roof must understand and be knowledgeable of some pretty firm rules. Ensure that everyone knows the dangers, the impact and the consequences. You can’t keep your gun a secret; children are very curious and they see and hear everything. Explain to them the importance of gun safety and educate them on the devastating effects that mishandling a firearm can have. Your regular guns should be kept in a heavy duty safe, unloaded with ammo preferably in a separate location. This however may not be ideal for the home defense gun; there will simply be not enough time to react to a home invasion. So how do you keep a home defense gun within easy reach yet protected from family, friends and nosey guests?Secure Yet AccessibleA strategically placed gun safe within close proximity is an excellent option when it comes to safely storing your home defense gun yet also having it easily accessible. Depending on your preference and space available, Aegis Tactical has a variety of keypad, biometric, RFID touch-free and key-lock offerings on some high quality yet affordable quick access safes for home defense. Let’s take a closer look.First up is my personal favorite, the GunVault MultiVault Deluxe GV2000D. Featuring a No-Eyes Keypad this sturdy safe has contoured grooves for your fingers so you are able to instantly enter your code and have access to your weapon. Secured behind 16-gauge steel and a 5 year fire and burglary warranty, the MultiVault features a tamper indicator, backup external AC supply and can be secured within the home via an optional high strength steel cable. This safe also provides enough space that you can store some additional valuables inside. The GunVault MultiVault Biometric GVB2000 offers all the same features with the addition of being biometric.Next we have the GunVault SpeedVault BioSafe SVB-500.  A versatile biometric safe, the SpeedVault can be mounted in a variety of locations from beside the bed to the underside of your desk at your business. It can hold up to 20 unique fingerprints to allow for multiple (trusted) user access and is housed in 18-gauge steel with a tamper resistant door.The GunVault MicroVault MV500 is a more mobile unit. Utilizing the same contoured finger grooves as that of its bigger brothers the MicroVault it is housed in 18-gauge steel and also includes a high strength steel cable for securing your valuables at home or when travelling. A sleeker design means this safe can be kept out of view more easily.Aegis Tactical also offers the Hornady Security Rapid Safe 2600. Another mobile unit that can be secured via the included cable the Hornady safe features the RFID touch-free entry system which utilizes a wristband, key fob or sticker for simple access (all included). Certified child-resistant and meeting TSA requirements for check luggage this mobile unit allows for safe keeping of your most prized possession; your life.Last on the list is the Pit Bull Vaults – Standard Digital Vault. A more traditional safe with a 12-digit keypad, pre-drilled mounting holes and heavy steel construction, this unit will provide the level of protection needed to keep your home defense firearm safe yet within easy reach.At Aegis Tactical we receive new products weekly so be sure to check out our website to see what we have available.Training and PracticeSo you’ve chosen your home defense gun and have a safe. Now it’s time to train.A friend of mine told me he hadn’t shot his home defense gun in a few years. I asked if he kept it loaded, he said he couldn’t remember. The time you don’t need to be worrying about whether your gun is loaded or not is when you are reaching for it in a life or death situation. So train regularly and ensure you have a sound plan for when that emergency rears its ugly head. The execution will likely not be smooth (just like mine- yes that was a true story), however continue to run drills and hopefully you’ll never get to find out if your plan works or not.Training doesn’t end with you. You must also think about the rest of your family. Gun classes can be tailored to all levels of expertise. A lot of owners only ever consider themselves as the user; however one day you may need the help of your husband, wife, son or daughter in order to save your life. Ensure they have access to the same level of training as you. At Aegis Tactical, we offer training for a variety of individuals ranging from novice to expert, group sessions (concealed classes only) to individual. We also offer a Concealed Weapons License class specifically tailored for women. For Women By Women is hosted by Lindsey, a certified instructor who will ensure you leave the class feeling confident in your ability to protect yourself. Sign up for a class today at Aegis Tactical – FL Concealed Firearms ClassMaintenanceLast but by no means least we have firearm maintenance. Clean your home defense gun after every use (hopefully this will only be at the range). Treat it like your concealed carry weapon; your life may depend on it one day and the last thing you want is a jam or some other malfunction caused by improper care. Safely unload your gun and inspect it thoroughly on a regular basis too. Don’t just put it away and forget about it. There are many options available for cleaning and lubricating your firearms and everyone has an opinion on what is best, so whatever you choose ensure you are well regimented (not quite the Rifleman’s Creed but close!) and take the proper maintenance steps regularly. (TW)Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit:
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gun_control_aegis_tacticalUS Gun Manufacturing Under Attack: Anti-Gun Lies & Deceit‘Common sense gun control’ is the new spin on what is essentially a Government effort to disarm its citizens. It starts with a loss of liberty here and a little less freedom there, all under the guise that it makes us safer than a married couple with direct links to a terror organization  that kills you and your co-workers at your Christmas party, in California, the Gun Control Capital of The World.  Straw purchases are illegal in all states (how the shooter obtained the guns used) yet the elitist liberals would take away our rights rather than enforce laws they already have in place that should prevent crimes. Thus far there has been little success in taking guns from law abiding citizens, so now they are going upstream. In keeping with our support of US manufacturing, we’ll look to dispel some of the myths (lies) being spread by, among others, a certain former (disgraced) Secretary of State and also review some of the economic implications of making gun manufacturers and dealers liable for gun crimes.Myth #1: PLCAA Removes All Liability From Gun Manufacturers & DealersThe Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was enacted in 2005. It protects firearms manufacturers and dealers from liability if a firearm, purchased legally from them, is then used to commit a crime. Despite recent claims to the contrary, this law does not remove all liability. Just like all other industries, companies can be held liable for defective products and product issues. They can also be held liable if they knowingly sell a firearm to an individual whom they suspect may use the gun to commit a crime. Example: A potential buyer comes in with a “friend” and said friend is choosing which guns to look at and says, “Yes, get me that one.” If the gun dealer sells the gun, where there is clearly a suspicion of illegal activity (straw purchase) then they are liable for any criminal activity that comes by the way of that gun. So, to claim that the PLCAA has made it near impossible for people to sue gun manufacturers is simply untrue.Myth #2: 33,000 Deaths By Gun Violence Every YearWhile approximately 33,000 Americans die each year by a firearm, the term “gun violence” is misleading. When you hear gun violence you assume murder. However almost 70% of those gun deaths are suicide. That’s approximately 21,000 suicides by gun compared to 11,000 homicides by gun. Going one step further, cities like Chicago and Baltimore (who combined account for 10% of 2015 homicide gun deaths) state that 80% of homicide gun deaths are either gang or drug-related. Gun control and liability of gun manufacturers and dealers will not stop criminals stealing and illegally obtaining guns. It will only prevent law abiding citizens from being able to legally protect themselves.Myth #3: Making Gun Manufacturers and Dealers Liable For Mass Shootings Will Stop CriminalsThe emotion that flows through your body when you hear of a mass shooting can be intoxicating. The level of media coverage given to recent mass shootings serves to encourage the type of knee jerk reaction that often accompanies a traumatic event. The push for holding the gun manufacturers liable came more recently, in part, due to the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT. A mentally deranged individual took his mother’s guns, killed her and then went on a disgusting rampage through an area he knew he could cause maximum damage with little resistance.There were a number of issues that led to this event but one that stood out to me was this; a mother that knew her son had a mental illness but didn’t do enough to stop him from gaining access to her firearms. This was the basis for the families suing her estate after she was murdered. Personal opinion, this is right. She was negligent and it cost lives. Now Bushmaster, the maker of one of the guns (a rifle) used in the killing is being sued. How can they be liable? Could they have foreseen that the woman who legally purchased the rifle would have a mentally incapacitated son that would gain access to the guns and go on a shooting spree? Are alcoholic beverage companies held liable when someone drives under the influence and kills someone? The answer is no. These laws will not stop criminals; however it could very well end gun manufacturing in the United States if we allow for manufacturers and dealers to be held liable for events they could not possibly foresee. Below is a brief indication as to the economic ramifications of such a decision.Economic Impact: Gun IndustryPresident Obama said that saving GM in 2009 was the right thing to do because they are a “pillar of our economy”. They employ approximately 100,000 US workers and it was a loss deemed too heavy for our country. The firearms industry by comparison employs over 275,000 workers nationally through manufacturing, dealers and distributors. Wages in this sector average $50,000 and US economic activity that comes from this industry is close to $50 billion a year. Business and excise taxes are also at an all-time high hitting almost $7 billion. GM only paid $1 billion in US taxes in 2015.Myth #4: Once We Have Common Sense Gun Control The Anti-Gun Crowd Will StopIf anyone believes that appeasing the anti-gun crowd on this issue will change their agenda for total gun bans then you are delusional. This is just the start. State Rep. Darryl Rouson, D-St. Petersburg, was successful in his bid to increase restrictions on shooting guns on your own property in Florida. The most concerning part of this case is what he stated after the bill was signed into law just a few months ago, “I think it opens the door so that if we want to come back and expand it, we can.” This is exactly why the NRA is so ardent in their fight to ensure our 2nd Amendment Rights are not infringed. (TW)
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The Importance of Local Business

The Importance of Local Businessbuy_local_aegis_tacticalThe idea that ‘you didn’t build that’, as it was so eloquently communicated (note the hint of sarcasm) by the POTUS is one that strikes at the heart of every local, small business owner across the nation. The notion that these entrepreneurs, the quintessential risk takers and forward thinkers (much like that of our Founding Fathers), could have only been successful because of the assistance of a large government is quite astonishingly ignorant. However we aren’t here to talk politics; we’re here to discuss the importance of local business and its continued positive impact on the surrounding community.Be Individual, Be UniqueSmall local businesses rely on local support to survive and, hopefully one day, thrive. In order to achieve this, local stores will cater to the consumer demands of the local market. While large corporations focus on the national market, local business owners can provide services and deliver products based on the specific needs of their community. What would you prefer, a house decorated just like everyone else in the neighborhood or one that is filled with unique one-off customized products made and built by a local craftsman? We have a number of local professionals that offer some exceptional goods, yet we still clamor for the boring, mundane and so uninspiring look of Pottery Barn. Fuck Pottery Barn, go to Sarasota Architectural Salvage and get something that exemplifies unique brilliance and that also invests in our community. They also have some badass beat-to-shit-raw-looking stuff that you won’t find anywhere else.Customer ServiceLocal companies want to build trust and create loyalty. As such they will treat you like family. You’ll generally find a very helpful and customer-oriented employee helping you with your buying decision and pointing you in the right direction in order to offer the best customer satisfaction. They are very knowledgeable of the products and have no issue sharing that information to make you a more well-informed consumer. Have you ever been to Wal-Mart to buy ammo and, having searched for an employee for 30 minutes, ask a very simple question about the product only to be met with a deer caught in the headlights or simply told they don’t like guns and that guns shouldn’t be legal? Firstly, while I respect your 1st Amendment right to Free Speech, the 2nd Amendment is pretty clear, bro. But secondly, at local companies you will find passionate, hardworking employees who want to be there and want to help you. Why? Because you are important, you are like family. And we respect your rights as an American.Invest in the CommunityOnline shopping has grown substantially over the last 10 years. Bulk buying of products such as firearms and ammunition has been made more attractive with deals by online-only companies, working with the advantage of a lower cost structure (no brick and mortar) plus high volume. However we must also consider the impact to the community. When you buy online from a website based out of Idaho, how does that benefit Bradenton/Sarasota? How does that company re-use your money to make our community better? Simple, they don’t. They take your money and they invest it somewhere else.So what happens when you buy from a small local business? For every $100 spent at a small local business, approximately $65 stays within the community. It can be re-invested, used to cover employee wages, go towards new job creation, given to local charity and assist general business growth. Aegis Tactical and other members of the local gun community were involved in a wonderful charitable event for young Sammy Nelson. Sammy, a one year old warrior born with four brain bleeds, hydrocephalus – which is also known as “water on the brain”, and has already had 9 major brain surgeries in his short life is a brave young soldier who needs the help of his community. Aegis Tactical raised over $1,300 in raffling off an Honor Defense Honor Guard 9mm pistol. So that little extra you may spend buying local, and let’s be honest here it’s minimal, is actually well worth it.Small Business Owner LifestyleIn many ways the small business owner is a rock star in its truest form. They are up all night, work 7 days a week, never take a break, always thinking of new material for their customers and they won’t stop until they make it. That sounds like a lot to do in 24 hours. Now think about his/her family that is there to support this dream. The husband or wife that also has their own job, the children that need help with homework and a ride to the local sporting events. It’s a lot of work to find the right balance. And let’s not forget only 4% of small business owners are millionaires. In fact most small business owners earn anywhere from $35,000-$75,000 a year. So for someone shouldering all that responsibility and risk, that isn’t a substantial pay-off. So while it’s true the small local business will support and make better the local community, the local community must also support the local business. Together we conquer, together we prosper.When we invest in our local businesses, we get far more out of it than when we go to large corporations. They allow us to keep our essential freedoms as Americans consumers and create trusting relationships that allow for future prosperity of our townships. (TW)
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Aegis Blog Glocks

The Glock pistol, sometimes referred as a Glock “Safe Action” Pistol, is a series of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Glock Ges.m.b.H.glock_gen4_bfg)9mmThe Glock first made its appearance in 1982, used by Austrian military and police, becoming the top performer in both reliability and safety tests, despite initial resistance from the market to accept a “plastic gun” due to durability and reliability concerns.Glock pistols are used by 65% of the market and preferred by most law enforcement agencies in the United States, along with numerous national armed forces, security agencies, and police forces worldwide.In addition, Glocks are also popular firearms among civilians for recreation, competition shooting, self-defense, and conceal/carry. This is where Aegis Tactical comes in!Our Glock G19 is a standard compact pistol and versatile due to its reduced dimensions when compared with the standard-sized option. The 9mm G19 has found worldwide acclaim with both private and public security agencies. In addition to its use as a conventional service pistol, it is ideal for concealed carry or a backup weapon.The Glock 19 Gen4, introduces revolutionary design changes. The modular back strap design lets the user adapt the grip to hand size and the frame surface exhibits the scientifically-designed Gen4 rough textured technology.This model features a dual-recoil spring assembly that substantially increases the life of the system. The enlarged reversible magazine catch easily accommodates left or right-handed operators.The Glock G17 is also trusted by law enforcement officers around the globe due to its unsurpassed reliability, above-average magazine capacity with 17 rounds in the standard magazine, and low weight. The revolutionary “Safe Action” trigger system is easy to use, especially in high-pressure situations.At Aegis Tactical, we offer a variety of other Glocks. The best way to personalize a gun for you, is to visit us and be guided by professionals who want you to be safe using the gun and keeping your family safe from others who intend to do harm.It’s always good to take one of our training classes, so you can best learn how to use the Glock, along with becoming licensed for conceal/carry.Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit:
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Tactical Gifts for Women on Valentine’s Day

Tactical Gifts for Women on Valentine’s Day90331Do you want to give your wife or girlfriend the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? How about something that will keep them safe from all the creeps in the world?If so, then the “For Women by Women Firearms Training Class” is the best gift you’ll ever give her!The class is designed to certify women for a Florida CWL as well as teach women fundamentals for effectively operating a firearm in a self-defense situation. This includes firearm safety, ammunition safety, handling of a firearm proficiently, fundamentals of marksmanship, equipment selection and Florida laws pertaining to carrying a concealed gun.The class is perfect for beginners, but also can be taken by advanced shooters.All training is conducted at the Aegis Tactical training facility. The women in the class will fire a handgun in our private range, so there’s no need to worry about other people watching, or firing weapons.The class is $80 per person and lasts approximately 3 1/2 hours of combined classroom and range time. Aegis Tactical supplies the firearm along with the ammunition and the class meets and/or exceeds the requirement to obtain the needed Florida Concealed Weapons/Firearms License.Reviews from women who have taken the class…Amy: “Lindsey was Professional, knowledgeable and made even the basic things interesting. The class helped me to feel better equipped in an emergency situation to protect myself and/or my family. I am thankful for Lindsey’s passion and passing along what information may be important from a woman’s standpoint. I look forward to coming back for the advanced training in the future!”Betty Anne: “I have recommended this class to friends and colleagues. I feel much more confident and prepared since taking this class and urge women to do the same. It’s all about being safe, prepared, and coming home to your family.”Guns suggestions for women…
  • 9mm guns are the ideal choice. (If a gun salesman suggests a revolver, walk out the door because they are treating you like a woman who can’t handle a gun!)
  • 9mm Ruger LC9s
  • Beretta Nano 3Dot
  • SIG Sauer
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10 Gifts for Your Man on Valentine’s Day

10 Gifts for Your Man on Valentine’s DayWhat do you get your man for Valentine’s Day? Here are ten suggestions from Aegis Tactical:
  1. Aegis15 Black Optics Ready, made in Sarasota/Bradenton Florida by Aegis Tactical and Armorit! Unique Teflon coating and customized to fit your man’s needs.
  2. BASIC FIREARMS TRAINING FOR FLORIDA CONCEALED WEAPONS LICENSE, designed to certify your man for a Florida CWL as well as teach him the fundamentals for safely and effectively operating his firearm in a self-defense situation.
  3. ALLEN INTERCEPT TAC PACK ATAC with rugged Endura fabric, multiple external accessory pockets, padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap, and internal organizer compartments.
  4. Taurus PT111 G2, the ideal concealed carry handgun that features a Picatinny rail, high-profile sights, textured grip, and melted edges for added comfort during concealment.
  5. BULLDOG PITBULL TACTICAL CASE BLK 38, water resistant, durable outer shell, manufactured by Bulldog Cases.
  6. Federal American Eagle 22 Long Rifle with copper-plated bullets or solids, great for plinking.
  7. GUNVAULT SPEEDVAULT BIO SAFE to keep his handguns safe, secure and ready for action, offering a revolutionary design as the ideal choice for home or business.
  8. Glock 22 Gen4 Battlefield green that the majority of law enforcement officers across the country use on a daily basis.
  9. TAURUS CURVE 380ACP 6RD BLK OX W/LSR, the world’s first and only curved firearm, engineered to fit the unique contours of his body with no visible printing.
  10. Desantis, Super Fly Holster, fits Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, exclusive sticky rubberized fabric and removable, reversible outer flap was added to even further disguise the firearm.
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Gold Rush

Gold RushRugerLC9sGoldCerakoteSlideAt Aegis Tactical, we offer the Ruger LC9s Pro 9mm Gold Slide which features a short, light, crisp trigger pull for faster shooting and improved accuracy. In addition, this Pro model has an integrated trigger safety. It’s slim, lightweight and compact for your personal protection needs.If you’re looking for a unique pistol, the Cerakoted Gold Shimmer steel slide, blue barrel, and black high-performance with glass-filled nylon grip frame will certainly stand out from the pistols that your friends are carrying around.It includes an aggressive checkering and drift adjustable 3-dot sights, along with a finger grip extension floorplate that can be added to the magazine for comfort and grip. LC9s models fit all LC9 accessories and holsters. They are less than one inch in both height and length, making it just slightly larger than the Ruger LCP.During your visit at Aegis, you can also check out the WALTHER PPS M2 9MM 3.2″ 7RD BLK, which could be everything you’re looking for in a compact handgun. The slim profile, push button magazine release, smooth trigger pull and Carl Walther signature ergonomics deliver the features that you want from Walther and are housed in a frame that fits just about anyone.Note: Aegis blogs and videos are growing in popularity for two reasons: Entertaining and knowledgeable!Just some of the information covered in our blogs is taking care of your gun, the best guns for women, and info on several of our products which you can add to your collection. Also, Aegis enjoys fun blogs like our gun movie trivia, along with entertaining videos that directly answer all of your questions. Don’t forget our Donuts, Coffee, and Guns every weekend!You can check out the Aegis Facebook Page for more informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit:
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New Guns from Shot Show

New Guns from Shot ShowAt Shot Show, all the celebrities came out to test the latest new guns. The Hulk Lou Ferrigno, Jim West from Wild Wild West Alaska, best selling author Robert Vera, and celebrity author, blogger and hunter Brittany Boddington, along with many more signed autographs and sampled the best new guns that Shot Show had to offer.Speaking of new guns, here’s the latest provided by Aegis Tactical!The KRISS VECTOR CRB GEN II is one of the most innovative developments in modern firearms technology with a unique operating system that redirects energy down and away from the shooter, eliminating felt recoil and muzzle climb.In addition, the KRISS Vector is compatible with the universal Glock magazine and changing between calibers can be done in seconds without any tools. If you haven’t fired one of these, stop in at Aegis and give it a try…you’ll be hooked.IMG_0175We also now have the CZ RAMI 9MM, a sub-compact semi-automatic based on the proven CZ 75 line of pistols. The trigger mechanism operates in selective DA and SA mode depending on the shooters preferences.Several safety devices are used including a firing pin block and a manual safety. With a three-inch barrel and unloaded weight of less than twenty-five ounces, the black poly coat, alloy frame Rami is ideal for concealed carry.If you’re a CZ fan, you have to get one of these great feeling guns.And last but certainly not least, we now offer the GLOCK 43 9MM subcompact pistol, which we believe is the answer to your everyday conceal/carry needs. The grip has a built-in beaver tail design which allows the shooter to acquire a high and tight grip. More importantly, the aggressive texture of the grip lets the shooter more easily operate the pistol.The large magazine catch allows for easy removal of the six round magazine and the G43 can withstand the same tortures as other Glock pistols and has the USA stamp on it. If you want this, or any other of these guns, you better stop by today!While you’re here, you can also check out the RUGER LCR 38 SPECIAL with a smooth, easy to control trigger and highly manageable recoil, or the new TAURUS CURVE which is the world’s first and only curved firearm, engineered to fit the unique contours of your body with no visible printing.For more on these new guns, check out the Aegis Facebook Page and watch the informative videos, along with plenty of pics and posts.Visit:
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Political Gun Responsibility

IMG_1017On December 14th, 2012, a twenty-year-old walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School, then shot 20 children and 6 staff members. This became the starting point for President Obama’s stricter gun control movement.The incident was the deadliest mass shooting at a high school or grade school in U.S. history and fueled the debate on the sale of guns.While President Obama began the crusade for stricter gun control, a report on Lanza was released that he had a familiarity with weapons, but also an obsession for mass shootings. The report went on to say Lanza had, “Significant mental health issues that affected his ability to live a normal life and to interact with others.”President Obama proposed 12 congressional actions regarding gun control. His proposals included universal background checks on firearms purchases, an assault weapons ban, and limiting magazine capacity to 10 cartridges.Would this solve the problem of a mentally disturbed man killing innocent children and staff members at schools?Another debate began that video games was the problem for the shooting, giving the gunman a false sense of courage.From there, music is the to blame.From there, it was family problems. Community problems. Lack of security in our schools. And so on and so on.President Obama just recently listed the many mass shootings that occurred over the years, and even teared up during his speech when mentioning 26 children and adults murdered in Newtown.At Aegis Tactical, we take all steps to make sure our guns are sold to those looking to protect themselves and their families, while instilling a sense of peace of mind in a world that obviously has become more dangerous.We believe the best defense is to be educated, well-equipped and knowledgeable about your security.Providing information in our blogs and gun safety training is something we take seriously. Our instructors are held to the highest standards and are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills to safely and proficiently handle a firearm and to physically protect yourself from the unexpected.We pray for those who are ruthlessly murdered and also pray for those who are ready to protect themselves from a mentally disturbed intruder walking into their home.Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.
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10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Gun

10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your GunFor those of you who have purchased a gun at Aegis Tactical, you understand all the reasons why to be thankful that you had made such an important and lifesaving decision. Here’s a reminder for those of you who still haven’t visited Aegis for professional advice.10 Reasons to be Thankful for Your GunReason One: You are no longer concerned about your safety.Reason Two: You’re no longer concerned about the safety of your loved ones.Reason Three: You care about the possessions in your home.Reason Four: The world is unsafe and things aren’t getting any better. In fact, protecting ourselves has become more important. This is why having a gun is so important.Reason Five: Rapists, thugs, and those who do not care about human life are all around us. Your gun changes the odds in your favor.Reason Six: Your head was in the sand, but now you are aware of the dangers and have the gun to prove it.Reason Seven: Your gun became one the most important purchases that you’ve ever made.Reason Eight: Your confidence with a gun purchase and a training class is what allows you to walk the streets any time, day or night, and sleep soundly.Reason Nine: Firing your gun at the range is a terrific stress reliever.Reason Ten: Peace of mind.That phrase is worth repeating…Peace of mind.Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit:
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Aegis Now Selling FUSION!

Aegis Now Selling FUSION!Fusion_firearmsAegis Tactical is now selling the Fusion Premier Series, hand crafted custom grade pistols. All are hand built in the Fusion Custom Shop with high desirable features and options for today’s shooter and collector.The frame and slide on the Premier Series start out with all forged stainless steel construction and machined and heat-treated to the highest industry standards. The stainless steel parts are then De-horned and coated in our ceramic “Yukon”, making the pistols more durable and scratch resistant surface.All of the E-Series are Colt style, 70 Series design and come with a full action job, reliability and tuning packages. The remainder of the parts are forged bar-stock or investment cast; then CNC machined. All of the parts used to build these amazing pistols have been field tested and have a proven record for dependability and quality.You will not find a better value in a high end performance American Made pistol, built right here in the beautiful State of Florida!Options include:FUSION ELITE 5″ GOVERNMENT 45acpFUSION E-6 – 1911 LONG SLIDEFUSION ESCORT – 1911 COMMANDER CARRYFUSION EFFECT – COMMANDER CLASS ONE – 1911 PISTOLYou can view each of these pistols on our website at by Aegis Tactical at 5103 Lena Rd #113, Lakewood Ranch, FL, 34211 and discuss with our experts the best Fusion pistol for you!Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit:
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Guns for Women by Women

Guns for Women by WomenThe first question Aegis Tactical will ask women that are considering purchasing a gun will be, “What’s the main purpose for having a gun?”
A common answer will be, “Protection.” If a man wants to grab a woman, sling her over his shoulder, and attempt to kidnap her, things will change quickly when the woman pulls out a gun and sticks it in his face.The next question is, “What’s the right gun for you?”Carrying a smaller type weapon with a large frame that can be easily concealed is the best option, which will help reduce the recoil.9 mm guns is the ideal choice. (If a gun salesman suggests a revolver, walk out the door because they are treating you like a woman who can’t handle a gun.)An ideal full frame gun is a 9 mm Glock. Or another suggestion for a smaller gun is a Beretta Nano 3Dot, which is actually heavier than the Glock, but reduces the recoil even more. A Glock would better for home defense, while a Beretta would be better for conceal and carry.There’s also the SIG Sauer. It’s in-between the size, weight and feel of the Glock and Beretta and a common choice for women.If the gun feels comfortable in your hand, you will spend more time at the range, be more accurate, and have no problem using it to protect yourself. Also, you’ll have more confidence of knowing exactly how to use your own firearm.The bottom line is a gun salesman should not choose the gun for you. The woman should decide which gun is the best.Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit:
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Aegis Open House

Aegis Tactical is having an Open House for everyone on Sunday, October 11th, 2015 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. There will be:
  • Food
  • Games
  • Prizes
  • Gun Giveaway and more!
OPEN-HOUSEOne of the best reasons to stop by Aegis is to see for yourself the professionalism in the store, along with the quality guns, products, and training classes. You will learn that your best defense is to be educated about gun safety and well-equipped.Another reason for stopping by the Open House is to bring your family. You’ll want to protect them from the unexpected. In order to do that, you first should be knowledgeable and skilled at handling a firearm.Perhaps you know nothing about guns, or firearm training. The value of our Open House will put you in the right direction.We hope to see you there!Go to our Facebook Events page and let us know if you are attending. Visit:
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TAVOR RifleDid you ever consider purchasing a rifle for the simple reason that it looks cool? Aegis Tactical carries the IWI TAVOR, used in films such as World War Z, Max Payne, and Resident Evil, along with the video game, Battle Field 4. Kristi with TavorMaybe you want to purchase a rifle because of the increasing threat of terrorism which could end up in your front yard? The IWI TAVOR was specifically made for combat with the foresight of the ever changing locations of a battlefield.The TAVOR was developed in collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces Research & Development teams, producing a new standard of weapon. It can be used in open field conflicts or close-quarter engagements. There’s no recoil and made with reinforced polymer bullpup configuration. The TAVOR was also specifically developed to be a rifle that’s more reliable, durable and easier to maintain.Israel Defense Forces have chosen the TAVOR rifle as the standard issue for their infantry troops and Special Forces. Now, military and law enforcement agencies around the world use the TAVOR as their rifle of choice.In August of 2013, the Pennsylvania Capitol Police had begun using the TAVOR SAR, which was specifically designed for the U.S. market. Then in July of 2014, the Lakewood, New Jersey Police Department began using the TAVOR SAR based on the rifle meeting their daily demands and requirements, along with being reliable, ease-of-maintenance, durable, and accurate.Stop in Aegis Tactical and check out the TAVOR! It’s guaranteed you’ll have the coolest looking rifle at the gun range, while having the best weapon to protect yourself, and your family.Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit:
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Which Guns are Best for Women?

Which Guns are Best for Women?There are several ways for a woman to choose the perfect gun. It all starts with coming in and speaking to one of our knowledgeable instructors to guide you in the right direction.[youtube_sc url=”″]Reasons for a woman to have a gun:
  • Protection (You’re going to conceal and carry your gun)
  • Target Practice at the Range
For women, there are several types of guns to choose from.For home defense, it’s best to consider a full-frame gun. You just want to make sure it correctly fits your hand. One example is a CZ P09, 9mm (nine millimeter).If you’re going to conceal/carry, then you would want something smaller, lightweight, and won’t bulge under your clothes. A perfect gun for that would be a KAHR CM9, 9mm.Something else to consider is the revolver verses the semi-automatic. The revolver is not well-balanced and is heavy compared to the semi-automatic. There are other difficulties such as it wouldn’t be ideal for conceal/carry, the trigger is harder to pull, it’s difficult to reload, and the capacity is limited.An ideal semi-automatic for women would be the Glock 42. It’s ideal for conceal/carry, lighter trigger, easy to reload, and much better to carry. Just remember to use 380 ammunition when protecting yourself from an attacker.If you’re a woman that walks into a gun store and they suggest a revolver, turn around and walk out. The salesman is basically saying that you don’t have the ability to use a semi-automatic.Here are some other ways a woman could discover the perfect gun:
  • Speak with our office manager, Kristi, who can provide advice from her experience.
  • Take one of our Aegis Training Classes. We have several introduction classes to learn the basics or you can have private lessons.
  • Learn about our products made specifically for women such as the protective eyewear that provides a panoramic field of vision and our Women’s Safety Combo Kit.
A big mistake that women (and men) make is researching thousands of options and walking into a gun store that have sales people attempting to make money off you, rather than providing you with a gun that you can safely handle.At Aegis Tactical, you are actually helping select the gun that best fits your hand, while being something that also fits your needs. You won’t be pushed towards selecting a certain gun. Instead, the gun will be selected by how much you will enjoy it and your willingness to take the gun to the range for practice.We look forward to seeing all of you women interesting in protecting yourself…and your family!Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit: