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Choosing the Right Holster

Choosing the Right Holster

Aegis_holster_reviewThere are so many options when it comes to choosing the right holster for your gun it can be quite overwhelming. The number of custom-made holster manufacturers is growing at a blistering pace which is great, but how do you decide which is best for you? The difficult decision is amplified when you cannot find said holster at your local shop to see it, touch it and try it. Due of the increase in concealed carrying individuals in the US there is also the potential to end up buying from a company that is jumping on the bandwagon without the needed experience or proper equipment. I recently had this experience which is what prompted this; simply put, buyer beware.


The holster is a vital piece of equipment that essentially bonds you with one of your primary defensive weapons. Poor design or fitment can cause issues when trying to draw from concealment, concealability can be jeopardized as well as overall comfort in wearing the holster. With so many options out there, how do we make the right decision? Generally we use price as a deciding factor which is ironic given that we’re willing to spend $400-500 on a sound carry gun but cheap out on the much needed holster. However the good news is that there are some highly reputable holster makers that through good research you will find offer a fantastic product for a relatively low price.

Ease of Access

You want a holster that provides enough security that wit will keep your gun concealed and safe from attackers but that also allows for relatively easy access when you need it. There are a few options available; OWB and IWB being the most common methods. IWB (inside the waistband) is the easiest and most effective form of concealed carry especially in Florida. In general, larger framed handguns can be concealed more easily by using IWB versus OWB. OWB (outside the waistband) is still an effective method of carry for a lot of people, however the advancements in comfortability and use of the IWB holsters has taken center stage in the 2A community.


You want to keep it hidden and keep it safe; you also want to keep it comfortable. Not only do you not want anyone else to know you’re carrying, you want it to be so comfortable that you don’t feel like you are carrying. If you are struggling and constantly adjusting your weapon in public, people will take notice. In fact you’ll probably look outright suspicious. A good holster is the main connection between user and gun; it should be comfortable and natural. A solid design is important and so are quality materials. There are some holsters on the market that claim to be of great quality, however their materials are substandard and do not last under the rigors of testing in the real world. Which leads us to…


Sometimes I like to go custom-made however when it comes to holsters I strongly believe you should go with something that has been tested in the real world with readily available reviews etc. Sometimes being the only person with a product is not a good thing (like owning a Hi-Point; why oh why would you do that?!). This includes local companies; there are a plethora of local holster companies that make high grade products and have exceptional brand recognition. I fully support that.

The holsters below have received our AA rating (Aegis-Approved) and are available for purchase at;

DeSantis SuperFly Holster

DeSantis Slim-Tuk Holster

Safariland Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster

Buyer Beware the Gun Show Holster

Something happens when people go to gun shows. They start off with a tight game plan of exactly what they want and then work through the doors and it’s just pure delirium! With the bright lights they lose the common sense factor. There are holster makers that use high end equipment to mold your holster; then there are some like you’ll see at the gun show that use cheaper methods that give the look of a working shop which adds to the experience, but then leaves a lot of disappointment later down the line. Unfortunately this happened to me. I got caught up in the headlights; excited to get a cool holster that had a cool design on it. I got it home and found that with each attempt to holster the gun it became more difficult to the point where it would not fit even under  lot of tension. What a disappointment. Don’t be like me, learn from my mistakes. (TW)

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  1. The best part of your blog is when you talked about how you should consider choosing a holster that can provide you enough security and will allow you to easily access it when needed. My father gave me a handgun, so I’m looking to buy a holster for it. I want to make sure that getting my gun during emergencies is going to be smooth and easy for me to ensure that I’ll be able to protect myself. Thanks for sharing this.

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