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Christmas Gift Ideas Part III

Christmas Gift Ideas Part III

By now most of your Christmas shopping will likely be complete, but if you are like me there is still that final present that needs to go under the tree. Here is our final installment to complete the trilogy of gift ideas that offers a little something for every shopper.

Hearing Protection

Our eyes and ears are the most parts of our body that connect us to the outside world, and the protection of them while exercising our second amendment rights is imperative. We have a nice selection of regular and electronic hearing protection products that will make for a very effective and enjoyable day at the shooting range. Click here to see our impressive selection of available hearing and eye protection.

Cleaning Kits

There’s nothing better after a long day shooting your beloved guns than taking the time to clean them. A well maintained firearm will in turn make for a more reliable weapon in the long run and at Aegis Tactical we offer a large variety of cleaning kits to help your guns stay “as new”. Click here to see the variety of cleaning options we have available.

Glock 42 w/Tungsten Slide

New in this week we just received a batch of Glock 42’s with an impressive Tungsten Cerakote slide. A formidable concealed carry weapon, this gun can be carried effortlessly by all body shapes and sizes and offers excellent handling and feedback in a small package. A typical slide cerakote would typically cost anywhere in the region of $100, so for just an additional $30 you can get an awesome looking firearm straight from the factory. Stop by our shop today to see this and the rest of our excellent concealed carry options.

Nikon Optics

Due to popular demand we have taken a large order of Nikon optics and we’re offering them to you at an excellent and highly affordable price. When it comes to quality optics, Nikon knows their stuff and have been busy making some highly effective scopes. With a number of products that have a variety of setups and industry standard features such as water and fog proof designs, you’ll be sure to find one that is perfect as a last minute gift that will be sure to impress. Click here to see our Nikon optics and order yours today!


Are you afraid of the dark? Well, now you won’t need to be because we have an array of flashlights that will brighten up even the darkest of nights. Whether you want to attach it to an AR-15 or simply use it when walking the dog after dark we have some excellent “torches” that will work for you. Nothing says I love you quite like a tac-light with a self-defense edge to jab at any would-be attacker as you reach for your sidearm. Click here to see more.


Nothing says, “Get off my [festively decorated] lawn” like a good old 12 gauge. A classic home defense weapon that delivers a punch like Butterbean, shotguns have their uses in the tactical field. With the rise in popularity of such events as 3-gun, we also have some offerings that will whet the appetite. For those who would like a hunting or clay option, we have an excellent combo package which features a brand new Mossberg 930 with both a 28” and an 18.5” barrel. Click here to see our shotguns.

Mossberg Patriot .308 w/ Vortex Optic

If your dearly beloved enjoys hunting or longer range target shooting then the Mossberg Patriot Vortex .308 could be your ticket to a very merry Christmas. Featuring Mossberg’s patented LBA (2-7lbs user adjustable) trigger and a Vortex Crossfire II 3-9×40 optic, this is an excellent bundle that will put a smile on even the most grumpiest of faces! Complete with a 22-inch fluted barrel and spiral fluted bolt this rifle looks awesome and comes in at a very affordable price.

So that just about does it as we wrap up our product offerings for the festive period. Be sure to check us out online and stop by the Aegis Tactical headquarters to get those final gifts. We are open 7 days a week (we will be closed on Christmas Day; Joe needs at least 1 day off this year) 10am-6pm Monday-Friday and Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm. (TW)

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