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Coming to a Gun Show near You!

Coming to a Gun Show near You!IMG_4656Aegis Tactical has been increasing our presence at gun shows across the state of Florida. We’ve been increasing our visibility and coming out to meet our customers in their local neighborhoods ranging from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale. We use a few different show hosts and our aim to make new contacts within the gun community and let customers know who we are and what we are about.Things to know about Gun ShowsWhen I first went to a gun show a few years ago I was preparing myself to get an incredible deal on an AR15; I was surprised and disappointed at the high prices when I got inside. It was my first gun show so naturally I got a bit excited and picked up a good gun but it was no Aegis15 and to this day I’m still kicking myself. You really need to be prepared, so research your prices and go in knowing what you should be paying for the firearm you want. Use Google and our website (if we have it in stock why not save your time and buy it from us for the best price and save the entrance and parking fee for a box of ammo). Know that when you come to the Aegis stand the prices are the same as they are in our Bradenton store in Lakewood Ranch; we do not increase them to cover the costs of the show nor do we charge extra if you didn’t bring enough cash with you and want to use a credit card. The price you see, plus tax and background check, is the price you get. And our prices are the most competitive.Realistic Price for a Quality FirearmWe all have a budget and our buying decisions are always driven by it. But when you come to our stand and ask if we sell guns for $100-$150; I’m sorry that isn’t a budget it’s a death wish. A $100 gun is going to be a POS without a doubt. We sell some revolvers at the $250 mark and a few striker-fired pistols for around $300, but I really wouldn’t recommend going any lower than that. With everything else equal, the price you pay will have a direct implication as to the quality of the gun. And sometimes, just sometimes, that “crazy good deal” you think you just got is actually a used gun and is not a good deal at all. Remember there isn’t a great deal of markup on gun firearms so if the price is $100 under retail price that gun is being sold (if it really is new) for a loss. Do businesses stay around when take losses on their inventory? No. Bottom line, a good quality gun will have a proportionate cost.Come and Meet UsWe want to meet people, our current and future customers. Look for our stand and say hello! We love to see the people we have previously served and make sure you are doing well; it’s not just so you’ll buy from us again, it’s because you’re part of the Aegis family now and we take care of our own. I’ve never claimed to be an expert on guns, because simply I’m not. I love guns and I know some stuff about them, but Joe, he is the fucking man. He is the kind of store owner you’d be lucky to meet at the gun show; he knows his shit and he’ll always be honest with you. He’s a big, gorilla-strong, scary looking motherfucker but he’s the coolest guy you’ll ever meet and he always leave you feeling satisfied (that’s what she said) with your gun-buying decision.The first thing we hear at the gun show from those familiar with Aegis is, oh I didn’t know you were going to be here! Well now you’ve been put on notice, but also remember we’re at the shop 7 days a week so come visit us there too.
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