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Concealed Carry: The Best Option

Concealed Carry: The Best OptionIMG_1538For a short-lived period of time it seemed as though the open carrying of a firearm was gaining momentum in the state of Florida. There was a lot of support on the outskirts, however ultimately it was a tough battle that didn’t make it through the House vote. There are two parts to this that I will discuss; firstly should open carry be legal and secondly should you open carry? They are two very different things, so bear with me on this one.Should Open-Carry be Legal?Whether or not you would actually open carry is irrelevant; the question initially is should it be legal? Should the Government be able to tell us how we must carry our legally owned firearms? It’s a poorly asked question because they clearly already do tell us, however I believe they should not have that authority. We should have the choice; as upstanding citizens we should have absolute control over that decision. If we believe the Government should be making these decisions for us then God help us because then we really are screwed. One of the arguments against open carry is that we’ll soon become like the Old Wild West and the country will descend into chaos… Firstly look to the states that have already allowed open carry for assurance that this will not happen but also look around us; this country has already been sent into the throws of despair and it is not at the hands of the law abiding citizen.Should You Open-Carry?While I strongly believe we should have the right to open-carry I would say that in general I would choose not to. My reasoning is that open-carry for the most part goes against some of my motives for carrying a firearm in the first place. It will also take away some of the main advantages of concealed carry.Becoming a Potential TargetIf you are in a store and it is being “cased” by a would-be criminal, your open-for-everyone-and-their-blind-grandmother-to-see-carry firearm makes you the number one threat. You will be the one they shoot in the back of the head at point blank range once they begin their crime spree, take your gun and likely kill whoever you are with as collateral damage. A little extreme but you get the point.Lost Element of SurpriseWhat makes concealed carry so effective is that the criminals do not know who is and isn’t armed; this is advantage good guys. Maintaining the element of surprise can be the difference between making it out alive and being the first victim. If they don’t see you as a threat then there is a higher chance you won’t be the target initially; this may give you enough time to effectively stop the threat and/or take cover from it.Environmental AwarenessCarrying a firearm in public requires a number of things; discipline, crystal clear thinking, training and focus. Analyzing your surroundings and modifying your behaviors becomes paramount when you are open-carrying. There are numerous examples out there but basically you can leave yourself open to having your gun swiped by an opportunistic POS criminal. Are you going to chase down the perp that just stole your gun from you? Now you’ve already proven you’re a dumbass by lacking focus and situational awareness so I guess maybe you would. We should never switch off; we should always be 100% prepared, ready and aware. But sometimes it happens; open-carrying is less forgiving in the wrong situation.From my perspective the risk does not outweigh the reward for open-carry. I am however an advocate for it and would absolutely vote to support it. But why support something you would never or at most rarely do? In my opinion the right of the people is more important than anything else. And the less the Government is involved in our daily decisions the better; this is a free country and We The People are what make it great. It is up to us as reasonable and responsible gun owners of good moral fiber to make the right decision. I might not choose to open-carry but I would never begrudge anyone for doing so. (TW)
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