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Don’t Panic… Yet

Don’t Panic… Yet
This is a difficult topic to discuss especially when you work for a gun dealer. Time is drawing ever closer to a significant vote that will shape the future of shooting sports and potentially gun ownership in general and the decision on whether to buy guns now or wait is weighing heavily on many a gun enthusiast’s mind. In an attempt to remain objective I will lay out what I believe needs to be considered over the next few weeks with regards to that purchase decision.


Gun dealers across the country have been snapping up as many guns as possible getting ready for a hike in demand and potential manufacturer/distributor price increases that would invariably come should the general election not go to plan. This means that guns are still available and therefore getting the one you want at this time should not be a major problem (unless of course you want a hard-to-find at-the-best-of-times gun). However it can also mean that when you see it available, now may be the time to take the plunge. As with any product in the marketplace demand can outweigh supply and availability can shift from abundant to scarce in a heartbeat.

At this point we don’t know what will happen so we can only hope for the best and plan for the worst. At Aegis Tactical we have been trying to ensure that we have enough product on hand for the price our customers want to pay that will keep the timely flow of guns into the rightful hands of law-abiding citizens. As an individual I find myself asking whether that gun I have been contemplating will still be here in a few weeks or months when I’m ready to buy. Sometimes the timing is off kilter and the right time may have to be now to ensure that I can get it. If it’s available and will not put me in a financial bind what difference will it make whether it’s now or later? This is the question you must ask yourself as in a few weeks or even days the availability can change dramatically.


We have not yet seen a hike in prices. This means you should not be perturbed by those dealers who are already peddling higher prices; we will keep our prices the same until we have no choice due to higher distributor pricing. This is of course a time-tempered anecdote; tomorrow we may have to pay more for new stock and things can literally change overnight.

Independently price and availability do not seem to be a huge concern however we must acknowledge that the two are linked heavily in a free market. As availability dwindles and dealers can no longer restock the shelves prices will invariably increase; the decision to purchase earlier will generally ensure a better outcome for the buyer on OTD pricing. I would always advise against waiting until the last minute.

Assault Weapons Ban (Ongoing Rumors)

I hate the term as it is fictitious but I’m talking from the perspective of an ignorant liberal politician not a gun enthusiast who knows what a semi-automatic sporting rifle is. Would she ban AR15s and high capacity magazines? Is it even possible? It was done before and in certain communist states it is being done now so it is in the realm of possibility. How long would it even take to enact? I cannot answer any of these questions and I honestly don’t know what is being planned behind the scenes. But what I do know is that politicians are not to be trusted and there are many people asking and thinking about these very issues. At Aegis Tactical we do not instill fear; we do not try to sell guns by peddling falsehoods about what may happen after the election. But on a personal level I do wonder; and I know if I’m thinking about it so is everyone else. I don’t want to be the one who is left out because I waited and pondered instead of acting before it is too late and there is nothing left to buy but an overpriced gun I could have bought weeks ago for $600 that is now $1200.

Make Your Own Decision

Ultimately you must decide; it’s your money and currently your Right. You could take something of a gamble and wait to see what happens. Everything could work out perfectly; I hope it does. But there is a chance it may not. Weigh the options, consider the situation and make the best decision you can. Many law-abiding Americans around you are having the exact same thoughts. At the end of the day if it’s the gun you want and you buy it ahead of schedule; is that such a bad thing? Better to be safe than sorry in my opinion, which is why I have guns in the first place. (TW)

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