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Friends of NRA Lakewood Ranch Dinner

Friends of NRA Lakewood Ranch Dinner

img_5669As I sat this evening watching the second Presidential Debate for the 2016 Election I found myself fearful of an outcome in just a few short weeks that could set off a cataclysmic change to our country. There are a number of policies over the years that have changed and are not set in stone; they change and grow as we grow as a nation. However there is one thing that cannot and quite frankly must not change, and that is our right to bear arms. The NRA has been protecting your rights against blind-sighted and unambiguously corrupt politicians for decades; but now more than ever they need our help. Supporting your local Friends of NRA Lakewood Ranch event, this Thursday October 13th will help ensure they can continue to protect our rights so we can protect ourselves in the future.

What is Friends of NRA?

Unlike the Clinton Global Initiative the Friends of NRA events have established directives and clear objectives. It is a function that brings together people with a clear vision of the future; fundraising for the future of shooting sports. Since its inception over $600 million has been raised that has gone directly to youth firearms safety programs, women’s training seminars, wildlife conservation as well as many other excellent projects.

Funds raised by the Friends of NRA events go to the NRA Foundation. 50% of the funds raised within the state go directly to that state for programs as listed above; the rest goes to projects with a national scope that protect us on a broader level.

What Can You Expect at a Friends of NRA Event?

There is something for everyone at a Friends of NRA event. There are auctions and raffle items to be won, exclusive merchandise available for purchase as well as delicious food to enjoy with family and friends. You’ll also get to meet other likeminded members of your community who want to secure the future of the second amendment.

How Can You Get Involved?

It is not too late to get involved in this wonderful event being held on Thursday October 13, 2016 starting at 6pm at the Polo Fete Grill in Lakewood Ranch. Tickets are still available as are raffle tickets for the Kel-Tec PMR 30 and CMR 30. Purchasing is very simple; either online here or stop by Aegis Tactical during normal business hours this week. Dinner tickets are $60 per person or $480 for a table (8 tickets) and the raffle tickets are $10 each or 3 for $20. There are a total of 300 tickets available; the funds will go to the NRA Foundation and you could walk away with both guns (yes both are included in the single raffle!).

A lot of fun will be had and we will be there supporting the cause. We hope to see you there too. (TW)

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