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Glock 43 vs Walther PPS M2

Glock 43 vs Walther PPS M2

When two giants collide in their bid for concealed carry supremacy there can be only one winner; the consumer. Opinions are divided as to who is top dog of the single stack and for those of you who are weighing up either one, let’s see if we can figure this out once and for all.


We’ll start with the Glock 43. Comfortable in the hand, it has never felt snappy or like a bar of soap in the shower. An assured feel that is exactly what you would want in a concealed model. Being single stack it has a much slimmer profile that its compact brethren and of course it is a shorter grip too. The butt of the gun is tapered to help minimize printing which means that you will generally run out of grip in the lower part of the palm. This was never an issue for me as the higher beavertail and extended mag ensures full control of the weapon.

Score: 4/5

The Walther PPS M2 has taken note of the success of the PPQ and has integrated finger grooves on the grip and the extended magazine it comes with completes it for a solid full grip of the firearm. The PPS M2 is an exceptionally comfortable gun to shoot. The gun seats itself perfectly in your grip and the slightly added length versus the G43 gives that little extra confidence in the shooter. I am yet to hold a single stack firearm that is more comfortable than the PPS M2.

Score: 5/5


There is very little difference in the overall length and height of these firearms. In terms of weight the G43 is 5oz. or some 20% lighter. I didn’t find this to be an issue and as such they score very similar in these categories. During my time with both I found that there is a slightly higher chance of printing/detection while utilizing the PPS M2 extended magazine compared to the G43 however if you use an aftermarket extension on the G43 you will find yourself in the same position. Remember though it is giving you two extra rounds versus the standard G43 so I felt the reward warranted the risk.

Both Scored 4/5


A trigger can make or break an otherwise perfect firearm. Glock has never been a leader in the perfect trigger, but it is 100% functional nonetheless. The break on the G43 feels a little tough and the “wall” was something that you have to become used to but is rated at 5.5lbs. and allowed for good accuracy. The reset is typical Glock, very positive. I opted to add the Ghost Inc. Edge Connector and this made the trigger smoother at the wall without removing pull weight. No impact to reliability was detected and it turned an average Glock trigger into a good one.

Score: 4/5

With the PPS M2 I had hoped for a PPQ-type trigger. They certainly gave it everything they had. It has a short take up and the break is rated 6.1lbs. so is slightly heavier than the G43, but any concealed firearm you want in the 5-6lbs. range so it is perfectly fine. A nice crisp break and positive reset certainly makes it a great trigger out of the box. While it did feel a little gritty initially, after 100 or so rounds it was broken in and smooth.

Score: 4/5


The outrageous popularity of the Glock brand ensures it maintains its supremacy of the availability of aftermarket parts. The G43 is no exception. Upgrades for sights, magazine extensions, barrels and triggers are readily available. The rather tough trigger can be fixed with a simple Ghost Edge Connector or a full replacement by a companies like Apex Tactical can be life changing. I’ve never been a fan of the stock goal posts and would highly recommend the Trijicon HD Night Sights, but there so many options to suit all preferences. Magazines are also very easy to find for this firearm.

Score: 5/5

Walther has available aftermarket sights and the availability of magazines has increased significantly. There have been rumors of aftermarket triggers yet I am yet to see one. While there is not as big a market for Walther parts they have been able to get coverage for the important parts.

Score: 3/5

It’s important to note that for a carry gun you will want to be conservative with your upgrades. Reliability of a firearm can be adversely affected with every change that is made and any change to the trigger assembly is not always advisable. For me personally I made only one slight change to smooth out the pull on the G43 but that is as far as I would go; so not having the ability to do a full trigger job on a PPS M2 is irrelevant in this context.


The Glock 43 may be the one that everyone wants but the Walther PPS M2 is a heavyweight throwing some big punches. The ergonomics of the PPS M2, the solid trigger and the availability of the high quality aftermarket sights make it a fantastic contender for the crown of Concealed Carry King. The Glock 43 however makes exceptional use of its trustiest platform in a mini format with high quality characteristics and infinite aftermarket parts to make it the true King of the concealed game. Stop by Aegis Tactical today and see which one you prefer.

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