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Glock: The Most Beautiful Ugly Gun

Glock: The Most Beautiful Ugly Gunglock_26_color-1 For years Glock has been one of the most popular gun manufacturers in the US. Their ability to construct a firearm that is built to last is unsurpassed and they leave many a customer enamored by the functionality. We do however hear a lot about how “ugly” Glocks are and “why do people even like them?” Hilarious isn’t it; a product designed to keep the peace is being chastised for its lack of aesthetic appeal. Seriously? When choosing a firearm for self-defense, there are a few reasons why the ugly duckling is a great choice.Magazine CompatibilityIn the event of a crisis or some other zomebie-apocalypse type end of world ish (Killary???) owning a Glock has some excellent advantages. Firstly, providing you have a regular framed pistol (double stack mag) your magazines will be downward compatible. That is, if you own a Glock 19, your 17 & up mags will all fit no problem. So if you have both a 17 and a 19 and your 17 is damaged during the Mad Max style carnage you can simply use all of your mags in your Glock 19 no problem. When you buy firearms from other manufacturers, the same is not always true as their platform is not designed the same.Availability of Parts/AccessoriesYou don’t see many AutoZone stores carrying Porsche or Lamborghini parts, however you’ll see Ford and Chevy all day. Glock is the General Motors of firearms. They make a proven product that is hugely popular and they produce on a large scale. Due to this popularity the availability of parts is vast; every shop in town has something Glock related. So again when SHTF and you’re in a pinch stop by your local Ammunation and you’ll be able to get the hookup on any and all of your Glock needs.It also seems the shooters of today (myself included) are a little different to the old skool Dirty Harry. In the Nu-Skool era we are attracted to RMRs, milled slides, 6stippled grips, flared magwells etc. Now in the real world none of that stuff really matters. Sure it makes the gun look cool but when you modify too much you can royally screw them up and be left with a malfunction waiting to happen. Night sights, Ghost trigger job, match grade threaded barrel, extended slide/mag releases… these are mods that are well worth the money in terms of the benefits to function. And again these accessories are very easy to find. There are a multitude of guns that people go crazy for but the issue is not just finding the gun it’s finding the aftermarket or OEM parts after the initial purchase.MaintenanceGlocks are quite possibly the easiest guns to maintain. They run very dry which means they require very little lubrication and thus can run longer between cleaning. This is great if you are out for an extended period of time and do not have chance to clean your weapon. A commonly misperceived issue of gap (mind the gap) between the slide and frame was created purposefully in order to allow carbon to exit the firearm in order for it to run clean and dry. Glocks are easy to field-strip and can be done in minutes if not seconds.PricingGlocks are priced competitively. They aren’t the cheapest but they don’t need to be; their product is battle tested. Remember you will only need this weapon when your life is on the line; if you don’t think your life is worth mid-$500s then you gots problems. You get a lot in the box (3 mags on the gen 4’s) compared to other manufacturers that only give you 1 mag. Aftermarket accessories and parts have already been discussed however the other key note to that is the pricing; Glock parts are cheap. Because they are readily available they are naturally cheaper. I bought 2 HK mags for a VP9 and paid almost $100. I then took another $100 and bought 3 Glock mags and a Ghost trigger and had some change left over. Glock mags are cheaper than Ruger, S&W and many other “cheaper-upfront” guns. If it’s not a popular gun finding parts and accessories can be painful.Bottom line, Glocks are awesome. They do exactly what they are supposed to and they do it without fail. If you don’t have one, you are quite simply missing out.img_9389_90_91_tonemapped

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  1. Very informative!! Thanks for the share????

  2. HI!
    These Glock guns are so ugly I only have 3! HA!
    When I’m ready for a 4th you’ll be seeing me.

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