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Guns for Women by Women

Guns for Women by WomenThe first question Aegis Tactical will ask women that are considering purchasing a gun will be, “What’s the main purpose for having a gun?”
A common answer will be, “Protection.” If a man wants to grab a woman, sling her over his shoulder, and attempt to kidnap her, things will change quickly when the woman pulls out a gun and sticks it in his face.The next question is, “What’s the right gun for you?”Carrying a smaller type weapon with a large frame that can be easily concealed is the best option, which will help reduce the recoil.9 mm guns is the ideal choice. (If a gun salesman suggests a revolver, walk out the door because they are treating you like a woman who can’t handle a gun.)An ideal full frame gun is a 9 mm Glock. Or another suggestion for a smaller gun is a Beretta Nano 3Dot, which is actually heavier than the Glock, but reduces the recoil even more. A Glock would better for home defense, while a Beretta would be better for conceal and carry.There’s also the SIG Sauer. It’s in-between the size, weight and feel of the Glock and Beretta and a common choice for women.If the gun feels comfortable in your hand, you will spend more time at the range, be more accurate, and have no problem using it to protect yourself. Also, you’ll have more confidence of knowing exactly how to use your own firearm.The bottom line is a gun salesman should not choose the gun for you. The woman should decide which gun is the best.Don’t forget to check out the Aegis Facebook Page for informative videos, pics, and posts.Visit:

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  1. I’ve been contemplating for awhile about conceal and carry. I need to know more about the laws on it.

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