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img_5641#GunVoteOpinions are like a-holes; we all have one but no one wants to see it. However Constitutional Rights are more closely aligned to The Wu-Tang Clan; you can’t F with them. Can somebody please tell that to the anti-gun, anti-American walking among us who trying to take these rights away?! This year is going to be a pivotal vote, and every constitution-supporting American needs to ensure their voice is heard.Supreme CourtObama has been trying to replace the late Justice Scalia since his unfortunate passing. Luckily the Senate has been successful in blocking him and rightfully so; this is election year (put a fork in him because he’s done). However nothing can be done if Killary takes the helm and nominates one of her cronies; we’re all doomed, even the democrats.Defend the FlagWere you agitated when you saw Colin Kaepernick sit down for the National Anthem? Were you even more incensed when the POTUS defended him? How about the continuing riots? What is going on America?!!??!!! I could go on for days about the disgrace that is President Obama and how much of a disrespectful piece of garbage (said with a Jersey accent) Kaepernick is, but bottom line if you want this to continue don’t vote and allow the left to carry on.Shaping the FutureIf we make the required change now as a nation we can regroup and fix our country. But we need to act fast. If you haven’t already you need to register to vote for the national election and then show up and vote. As a pneumonia-riddled and generally unhealthy nominee lay in bed recuperating from all of the medical assistance she requires, her unfaithful husband was running the show trying to get people to register to vote. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but we are in trouble with this one.Democrats Incite Violence, Racism & StereotypingIn the gun business we get to meet people from all walks of life; culturally, ethnically and any other –ally that I’m missing. It’s great; we arm, train and protect all Americans equally. However we’re labeled as deplorable and generalized and stereotyped while being accused of doing the same. Isn’t it ironic, if you don’t agree with the Left you are racist? Well this has to change; we must drop the rhetoric and focus on the issues. Good people are good people regardless of their skin color and if we all came together in a show of unity the Government should be worried as we would be so much stronger and they don’t want that. The Government likes to herd sheep, not the sheepdog.My final thoughts come from a young but very wise individual; life is a bitch, don’t vote for one. (TW)

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  1. Well Said !!

  2. damn right!!obummer is causing a racial divide in this country .. we need to get back to our roots and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

    p.s the captcha took me a few tries whats fifteen – 3 lol

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