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HK VP9 – Review

HK VP9 – Review

Heckler & Koch is a legendary manufacturer adorned by special forces all around the world. A high-end maker of some of the finest firearms on the planet, they are seen by many as the epitome of tactical weaponry. With the release of the VP9 in 2014 they didn’t just dip their feet in the waters of the striker-fired pistols, they went head first into the ocean of competition. As the pioneer of the original polymer-framed pistols in the VP70, they know a thing or two about the market and wanted to prove that they can compete with the best in a fast emerging striker-fired market that has become the go-to style firearm for today’s modern shooters.


With interchangeable back and side-straps the VP9 is adaptable to any hand. The VP9 feels excellent and offers an assured grip when handling the weapon; when we talk about fit vs. function HK were able to satisfy both. The firearm has fully ambidextrous features and also has a paddle-style mag release. The magazine release does take a little getting used to for those who are more familiar with the regular pad-style, however with a little muscle memory this difference becomes largely irrelevant.


When the VP9 was released there was only one place it wanted to be in its market segment; top dog. In order to achieve this HK knew that their trigger had to be outstanding out of the box. They did not disappoint. In my opinion the VP9 has the best trigger of all striker-fired compact-sized pistols. The break is truly amazing; crisp, consistent and most of all it allows for supreme accuracy for even the most pull- or push-happy shooters. The lull-weight on the trigger is approximately 5.5-6lbs; just where you would want to be for a defensive striker-fired handgun.


The accuracy of the VP9 is astounding. I acknowledge that this and most other guns will always outshoot the shooter, but let’s be honest, some just work better for the marksman than others. This pistol is a tack driver. With a 4.09” polygonal rifled barrel you will be on target with effortless ease. And with a much-touted low bore axis follow-up shots are sharp and precise.


Having fired a few thousand rounds through mine I’m yet to have a single malfunction with the VP9. I haven’t put it through the ringer like some testers have, however I’ve fired everything from cheap ammo to defense rounds and the gun has performed flawlessly. Some firearms can be sensitive to certain types of ammo but this pistol runs like a champ.

Concealed Carry or Nightstand Only?

Comparable in size to the Glock 19, Sig P320 and Walther PPQ this handgun is absolutely concealable; it just depends on the body type and clothing that will be adorned during such an endeavor. With the right holster (see Spider Concealment Tuck N Go IWB for HK VP9) it can be concealed with relative ease.

The VP9 also makes for a highly effective nightstand self-defense firearm too. With a double-stack 15 round capacity magazine and an almost 6.5” sight radius you will be able to utilize this gun to fight off a number of would-be criminals that wish to cause harm to you and your family.

Availability of Aftermarket Parts

One of the difficulties that most if not all manufacturers face when competing with Glock in this segment is the availability of parts and accessories. One of a number of reasons that draws buyers to Glocks is the perceived ease by which you can change so much for very little money. Triggers, sights, barrels you name it and there are multiple companies vying for position in the Glock aftermarket “industry”. Well, two years after its release VP9 parts are becoming easier to get ahold of. As an owner of one of these fine pistols this is great news. I’m yet to find any aftermarket trigger assemblies (though I’ll admit I’ve not looked as the trigger need not be changed) but sights, barrels, magazine extensions etc. are all being made by a number of different companies and therefore the availability is growing.

Final Thoughts

The HK VP9 is one badass pistol. A gun that is near perfection straight from the box you will not regret adding it to your collection. Check out our current offerings of the HK VP9 today. (TW)

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