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Holster Review: Spider Concealment “Tuck and Go” IWB

Holster Review: Spider Concealment “Tuck and Go” IWB

spider_concealment_holstersA few weeks ago we caused a little uproar on the interwebs when we misquoted the potential impact of using Kydex thermo-plastic material. We released a new video to correct those mistakes and thankfully resolved all of that. The silver lining to the whole affair was that we were contacted by a local company who sent us one of their holsters to sample.

Spider Concealment is a family based company based out of Hudson, FL that specializes in custom made Kydex holsters. They offer a range of options to meet your concealment needs and back it up with a lifetime warranty. All of their holsters are test-fitted to the actual firearm prior to leaving the facility to ensure proper form and fitment and they are handmade right here in the USA.

Fit and Function

We received the Tuck and Go IWB holster made for a Glock 43. My 43, as expected, fit perfectly. The level of retention and stability instills confidence that the gun will stay in place but was also easy to draw upon breaking concealment. It offers a higher sweatguard which I found to be beneficial and the edges were rounded to give all round comfort to the wearer. The tuckable j-clip is strong and worked excellently on my carry belt but was easy to remove when you are calling it a day. The reference to tuckable versus non-tuckable is that with this holster you can tuck your shirt into your pants and have only the clip on your belt showing.

I utilized the holster in two prominent positions; appendix and 4 o’clock. I’ve previously struggled carrying appendix due to what my good friend Madison calls my “fat belly”. Thanks to a few months at the gym and this slim-line holster I am now able to comfortably carry my 43 in this position. Daily tasks such as work, short and long journeys in the car and general “man stuff” are easy in this position; those nice rounded edges were smooth and I didn’t notice it was there.

The cant is adjustable to suit your needs and the depth of concealment can be changed in an instant. This holster is also ambidextrous.

Material Quality

The quality of this holster is simply first-rate. Made with CNC precision cut aluminum molds, you can see no expense has been spared. As stated before all holsters are tested prior to release; if the maker does not like the final product it is scrapped. The quality control is second to none and the lifetime warranty backs it up tenfold.

The Kydex is .080” thickness which has become the standard for concealed carry requirements and it is polished for a smooth internal interface between holster and gun. This holster will not damage the finish on your firearm. And because it is thermo-molded using high precision equipment it will not lose its shape over time either.


By now you may be wondering how big of a hole this will leave in your pocket. Well Spider Concealment’s mission is to provide a quality product at a price that won’t break the bank and boy do they deliver. The Tuck and Go is priced at only $45. While you can find many similar alternatives you will not find anything that beats this kind of pricing/quality combination.

AA Rating?

This product absolutely receives our highest rating; Aegis-Approved. You will be satisfied with all aspects of SC’s product offerings and knowing that the money stays within our local community is always positive. I would like to personally thank the team at Spider Concealment for giving us the opportunity to test this holster. As a disclaimer; we were not paid to write this review nor do we have any interest or financial stake in the Spider Concealment brand. (TW)

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  1. Please show more photos/both sides of this holster. Mr. Joe you have peaked my interest but can and will you please do one of the famous Mr. Joe and Mr. Tom videos to show us just how this holster wares.
    Thank you.

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