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How Prepared is your Household?

 512px-Family95Portrait95-300x199In a life or death situation how prepared is your family? If the answer is not very or at least untested in any way, then listen up. While you may be ready for an intruder and be very competent with your self-defense weaponry, if your other family members are not how can they effectively protect their own lives? You might think you could have been Special Forces but you could well be the first victim of the intruder. If you are dead or otherwise incapacitated don’t you want your family to stand a fighting chance by knowing how to handle and operate a firearm? I couldn’t think of anything worse than, while lying on the floor bleeding to death after being ambushed in my hallway, seeing my family helpless against a sociopathic murdering criminal bastard who means them the worst kind of harm imaginable. In order to combat this you need to make sure you have a well-trained household for such events.Train the Whole Family?Without doubt your spouse should have a fundamental understanding and be competent with firearms. Guns are not for everyone, some people don’t like them. This is fine. But generally your spouse will have some similarities to you and so will at least have an interest that you need to encourage. It seems natural that “the man of the house” has a firearm, but personally there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing female customers school men on firearms proficiency. Why? Because women are badass and you don’t fuck with badass women.If you have children it is up to you to decide at what age they need to be aware of and competent with firearms. We’ve had people as young as 16 take our concealed weapons training; they learn about firearms, ammunition, maintenance and also the importance of safety. Of course they cannot apply for a license but they have learned in a very safe environment the importance of respecting the gun. It’s not my place to state an age for appropriate training; each person is different and family dynamics and experiences dictate when firearms safety and training is appropriate.As I’ve stated in previous posts, children are very perceptive. They play with toy guns, swords and army figurines. They instinctively know what a gun is and what it can be used for. They do not however always understand the full ramifications of firearm incidents and the devastating capability they possess when handled/used incorrectly.Sign them up for a ClassYou may think you can train your partner and family however there is no better place to take them for firearms safety and training than to a Basic Firearms CWL class. This is an all-inclusive session that covers all areas of firearms handling, safety, malfunctions and ammunition safety followed by a proficiency test performed with a fully certified instructor.Many people are willing to spend thousands on firearms but really cheap out when it comes to proficiency training. Our Basics Firearm CWL class in terms of value goes ways beyond many of our competitors. For the cost it simply cannot be beaten; people leave our course feeling confident in their ability as well as being far more knowledgeable. We are also here 7 days a week to answer your questions in the future.As a side note we often have customers that come to the shop and want to buy a gun for their partner. More specifically we have male customers wanting to buy their wife a revolver because “she cannot deal with a complicated modern semi-automatic”. I’m sorry but this is bullshit guys; your lady friend is more than capable of comprehending how to handle, maintain and otherwise shoot the shit out of a modern handgun, she just needs the training. Have her take either the co-ed class or the For Women By Women with Lindsey on Sunday afternoons and while she is here she can look at and get a feel for all of the options available.PracticeSo now everyone in the house has a fundamental understanding; now it’s all about honing those skills through continued practice. As stated above, don’t cheap out on continued training. We have highly competent and experienced shooters come in for one-on-one instructor lessons. Just like everything else in life you’ll always be improving and learning new techniques based on a multitude of scenarios. Your level of experience dictates the class structure but there are many options available such as holster draw training, shooting from cover, more accurate follow-up shots and various shooting techniques.Bottom line is you are not the only one in the house who can be the hero for the family. Any responsible and trained individual under your roof can and should be utilized if such a situation arises. While you may want to be the one to protect your castle, you need your beloved militia ready and able to help when needed.
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