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The Importance of Local Business

The Importance of Local Businessbuy_local_aegis_tacticalThe idea that ‘you didn’t build that’, as it was so eloquently communicated (note the hint of sarcasm) by the POTUS is one that strikes at the heart of every local, small business owner across the nation. The notion that these entrepreneurs, the quintessential risk takers and forward thinkers (much like that of our Founding Fathers), could have only been successful because of the assistance of a large government is quite astonishingly ignorant. However we aren’t here to talk politics; we’re here to discuss the importance of local business and its continued positive impact on the surrounding community.Be Individual, Be UniqueSmall local businesses rely on local support to survive and, hopefully one day, thrive. In order to achieve this, local stores will cater to the consumer demands of the local market. While large corporations focus on the national market, local business owners can provide services and deliver products based on the specific needs of their community. What would you prefer, a house decorated just like everyone else in the neighborhood or one that is filled with unique one-off customized products made and built by a local craftsman? We have a number of local professionals that offer some exceptional goods, yet we still clamor for the boring, mundane and so uninspiring look of Pottery Barn. Fuck Pottery Barn, go to Sarasota Architectural Salvage and get something that exemplifies unique brilliance and that also invests in our community. They also have some badass beat-to-shit-raw-looking stuff that you won’t find anywhere else.Customer ServiceLocal companies want to build trust and create loyalty. As such they will treat you like family. You’ll generally find a very helpful and customer-oriented employee helping you with your buying decision and pointing you in the right direction in order to offer the best customer satisfaction. They are very knowledgeable of the products and have no issue sharing that information to make you a more well-informed consumer. Have you ever been to Wal-Mart to buy ammo and, having searched for an employee for 30 minutes, ask a very simple question about the product only to be met with a deer caught in the headlights or simply told they don’t like guns and that guns shouldn’t be legal? Firstly, while I respect your 1st Amendment right to Free Speech, the 2nd Amendment is pretty clear, bro. But secondly, at local companies you will find passionate, hardworking employees who want to be there and want to help you. Why? Because you are important, you are like family. And we respect your rights as an American.Invest in the CommunityOnline shopping has grown substantially over the last 10 years. Bulk buying of products such as firearms and ammunition has been made more attractive with deals by online-only companies, working with the advantage of a lower cost structure (no brick and mortar) plus high volume. However we must also consider the impact to the community. When you buy online from a website based out of Idaho, how does that benefit Bradenton/Sarasota? How does that company re-use your money to make our community better? Simple, they don’t. They take your money and they invest it somewhere else.So what happens when you buy from a small local business? For every $100 spent at a small local business, approximately $65 stays within the community. It can be re-invested, used to cover employee wages, go towards new job creation, given to local charity and assist general business growth. Aegis Tactical and other members of the local gun community were involved in a wonderful charitable event for young Sammy Nelson. Sammy, a one year old warrior born with four brain bleeds, hydrocephalus – which is also known as “water on the brain”, and has already had 9 major brain surgeries in his short life is a brave young soldier who needs the help of his community. Aegis Tactical raised over $1,300 in raffling off an Honor Defense Honor Guard 9mm pistol. So that little extra you may spend buying local, and let’s be honest here it’s minimal, is actually well worth it.Small Business Owner LifestyleIn many ways the small business owner is a rock star in its truest form. They are up all night, work 7 days a week, never take a break, always thinking of new material for their customers and they won’t stop until they make it. That sounds like a lot to do in 24 hours. Now think about his/her family that is there to support this dream. The husband or wife that also has their own job, the children that need help with homework and a ride to the local sporting events. It’s a lot of work to find the right balance. And let’s not forget only 4% of small business owners are millionaires. In fact most small business owners earn anywhere from $35,000-$75,000 a year. So for someone shouldering all that responsibility and risk, that isn’t a substantial pay-off. So while it’s true the small local business will support and make better the local community, the local community must also support the local business. Together we conquer, together we prosper.When we invest in our local businesses, we get far more out of it than when we go to large corporations. They allow us to keep our essential freedoms as Americans consumers and create trusting relationships that allow for future prosperity of our townships. (TW)

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  1. Great article and well worth the read. Thanks for opening our eyes to the Small Business Life and all it entails. I’ve always tried to support the local business, this will make me do so even more. #BuyLocal

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