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Infringe on Our Rights, Infringe on Their Profits

Infringe on Our Rights, Infringe on Their Profits

Recently it was revealed that The Cheesecake Factory at UTC Sarasota had placed a sign on its door stating “no guns allowed” on the premises. The company (different location) made nationwide news last year when they asked a group of uniformed police officers to leave because their firearms were visible. The uproar and outrage from the gun community was loud and clear, our rights will not be infringed. The bottom line however is that our rights are being hindered whether we like it or not, challenged by social justice warriors and corporate entities that seem to know very little about reality. Often times the response goes along the lines of I’ll just carry concealed in that store/restaurant anyway; if I’m properly concealed they will never know; we will not comply. But these responses leave me perplexed; here is a company that wants to unarm you and take away your right to protect yourself yet you would still give them your money and shop/eat there? Are you fucking insane? We need to get smart on this issue.

Paying to Take Away YOUR Rights

Every time you visit a business that is anti-gun you are filling the coffers that fund anti-gun policy. Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks, Target; these are just a few schmucks that fund anti-gun, demented liberal logic. Every time you buy an Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato or the Skinnylicious Chicken Enchiladas you are paying for protests and demonstrations and anti-constitutional legislation. When there are so many great local options available where the people make great food and actively support your rights (think Ferraro’s in Parrish, FL – love these guys) why on Earth would you even consider frequenting an establishment that is working against you?

Think Smarter

I know you didn’t vote for Killary in the General Election so I can already tell you are smart. But as a group we need to wise-up. Corporations are only in business for one thing, profit. How do we make them understand our discontent? They don’t care if we “rebel” and they don’t catch you with a weapon in their establishment because their long-term goal is to take away all of our guns and so a little deviation in the short-term is of no importance to them as you are providing them with the finances to meet that final solution. STOP GIVING THEM MONEY! Businesses only respond when sales are down, when the profit is not on target. Act with your money.

Final Thoughts

Carry your gun with confidence, but not to any business that doesn’t acknowledge your right to defend your own life. The urge to react in today’s society is always strong but a measured and logical response is far greater than the demented logic that providing funds to those that attack our rights is fine because I will not comply anyway. The “no gun” signs in stores have no legal authority; you will not be arrested for carrying in one of these businesses. However they will ask you to leave and failure to do so may result in a criminal trespass charge. Why would you give your hard earned money to someone that would treat you like that for doing nothing wrong?

2 thoughts on “Infringe on Our Rights, Infringe on Their Profits

  1. Amen brother! Add one more to the list of stores/restaurants I won’t shop at.
    Great article Joe.

  2. Hey Joe. Great article. How about a list of businesses in the area that are established as anti-2nd amendment?

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