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Introducing the Vaultek VT20i Safe

Introducing the Vaultek VT20i Safe

vaultek_vt20i_product-shoot_above_2000x1333_092616A lot of gun owners that we talk to keep a gun next to the bed for home defense. Most of them use a portable-style safe but are always concerned that access may be difficult to access if the time should arise. There are some that are also concerned about keeping unauthorized users at bay. To put all of those minds at rest Vaultek has released its V20i Bluetooth and biometric operated portable safe that may be just what you are looking for. With easy access for the owner and a number of safeguards against unintended users (children) Vaultek has created a very appealing option for protecting your home.

Vaultek Strong

Made of 16-gauge steel and weighing in at approximately 7lbs this safe is a small behemoth. It utilizes double-walled side panels and a deep set locking mechanism; the lid seats very tightly on the main frame when locked and it feels solid. This offers superb resistance against being pried open. In the box you will also find hardware to affix the safe to a flat surface for additional sturdiness as well as a 4ft steel security cable should you wish to use it in a car.

The V20i features a dual lock system with 2 deep seated latches on either side of the safe for further security. The hinges are also completely hidden that alleviates the vulnerabilities on the backend too.

Bluetooth Enabled

Unique to the V20 series, this unit is fully Bluetooth enabled meaning it can be operated and maintained via a free-to-download smartphone app. With it you can monitor the battery life, add and delete user fingerprints, change the entry passcode and open the safe with the swipe of a button. The app also features a tamper monitor and can be setup to send immediate notifications if the unit becomes “aware” of an attempted unauthorized access (wrong passcode entered). It will also automatically go into security sleep mode after a certain number of incorrect passcode/biometric entries.

With the increasing number of smartphone-literate 5 year-olds the app can also be password protected to further safeguard against unauthorized access.

The V20i also comes with a 5-digit keypad that can house passcodes from 4-8 digits and a biometric system that will keep up to 10 unique fingerprints in its memory bank. Oh, and a key-lock for you old school folks too! The unit runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will run for 3-4 months with normal use with battery level detection and low level warning when it’s time to recharge. The included AC adapter and micro USB charger will ensure the safe can be easily charged in its prime location in the house.

Size and Pricing

This safe is slim and certainly sleek in design however it is also capable of housing many types of pistols with its spacious internal 11in x 5.5in x 1.5in dimensions. With a foam-padded liner it will keep your gun finish protected.

The Vaultek V20i is available for $249.99 and offers everything you could possibly want for a portable safe. There is very little out there in the marketplace that offers quite as much value as the V20i. With its added security via the hidden hinges, two-point anti-impact latches and anti-pry rugged steel construction as well as multiple access options the V20i is a great addition to any gun owners household. Stop by the Aegis Tactical store for a demo today. (TW)

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