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Product Review: Glock 43

Product Review: Glock 43
glock_43_grayWith solid brand recognition and resounding consumer anticipation the Glock 43 hit the market with an ever reliable bang (or ‘pew’ if you live that life). Some 18 months later and this concealed carry champ is still a hot ticket item that never seems to stay in stock for quite long enough. I was able to get my hands one at the beginning of 2016 and this review details the 10 months we have been together.

Initial Thoughts

I remember the first time I laid my eyes on the Glock 43. It sat proudly next to its big brothers in the 26’s, 19’s and 17’s. It had retained some of those familiar Glock designs and features; square slide, simple takedown, crisp trigger, horrendous goal post sights (sorry I just really don’t like them) and the Gen 4-style stipple on the grip. While the stipple finish was similar it did not have the finger grooves like its big brothers and while initially that was a concern of mine I found it very comfortable in the hand. It found lighter than most of the competition and the ease of which to find holsters and other accessories had me sold.

The single stack magazine meant for a slimmer frame, ideal for concealment albeit less capacity than the double stack brethren. Personally I find 6+1 to be enough rounds with which to defend myself; realistically if you cannot hit your intended target with 7 rounds you shouldn’t be carrying anyway.

First Range Day

Range days are always the best days, you can quote me on that. I took my dearly beloved to the local range with a few boxes of factory ammo and had at it. Immediately I noticed how incredibly comfortable the gun was to shoot. The recoil was well controlled, the trigger consistent and the accuracy very good for a short barrel. I personally found the trigger to be quite crisp with a very positive reset (I have a thing for solid resets). There is quite a noticeable wall and the break took some time to adjust, however I found this to be normal given that this is a carry gun not a competition 1911. I have never been a fan of the goal post-style Glock sights and new that I would need to replace those, but my own bad tendencies aside, the gun shot very well.

Back to the Gun Store

I returned to the store with a smile still as wide as when I had first bought the gun. New sights and a chance to look at what Ghost accessories were available. There are plenty of options when it comes to aftermarket sights with Glocks; their outrageous popularity plays into the owners hands. I wanted simple yet effective and opted for the Ameriglo Tritium 3-dot night sights. Boring I know but this is my primary carry so looking fancy was not a factor in the decision tree. I also wanted to see if there was any way to remove the bump in the trigger. Ghost offers a very simple and oh so reliable Edge Connector that removed the bump yet still maintains the same poundage on the trigger pull. I’m not a fan of changing or in any other way modifying the trigger on a carry weapon however this was a minimal adjustment performed by a professional gunsmith. Back to the range we go…

Boom Goes the Dynamite

New sights and a smooth trigger installed; what a difference. For me the trigger upgrade was well worth it. The 6lb pull was still evident but the smoothness on the uptake and the crispness of the break was superb and very much reassuring. The classic 3-dot sights were far more familiar to me and as such I felt more confident in my follow-up shots. Customers always want to know just how different the trigger will feel with the Edge Connector and I have to remind them that it is a minor adjustment. It still won’t feel like a 1911; it will be solid and consistent but with added smoothness up to the wall that helped me shoot more consistently.

Holster Options

The DeSantis Superfly and Slim-Tuk are two very appealing options with excellent pricing. While the Slim-Tuk is a neatly finished IWB kydex piece with a belt clip attachment, the Superfly is a nylon base with a sticky textured exterior that is designed to fit snugly IWB but without any slip attachment. Sounds odd yet it works so effectively. It can be used it with shorts, running pants, and of course jeans and you’ll never any issues with it falling out or feeling as though it is not secure. Holstering and unholstering is also simple. Personally I like the Slim-Tuk; it is form fitted and very comfortable to wear; you barely notice you have it on.

Final Thoughts

The Glock 43 was and still is my primary carry weapon; I rarely leave the house without it. If you are in the market for a great concealed carry weapon or are looking to add one more to the collection so that you have options, then you need to give this some serious consideration. There are a number of color to choose from; currently we have Gray, FDE and of course Black in stock at the store.

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