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TANNERITE® BINARY EXPLODING TARGETS •(2) 1/2 lb. targets •Properly formulated binary target utilizes only the highest quality explosives-grade Ammonium Nitrate (target) & pyrotechnic-grade Aluminum Powder (catalyst), & will NOT start fires •Target & catalyst components are each individually packaged •For legal use as SHOT INDICATORS ONLY & away from populated areas •Detonation is initiated by the impact of centerfire rifle bullets weighing 40+ grains & traveling 2000+ fps into target container of mixed composition (target & catalyst) •Includes (1) mixing container, target container(s), & catalyst packet(s) •Added Extra: Ear plugs & sticker •NOTES: Do NOT transport, store or sell the MIXED composition unless you have the appropriate explosives endorsements; Be sure that ALL observers & objects that may serve as shrapnel are over 100 yds. away from the intended target; Pointed bullets are better for shot indicators than blunt bullets since the energy provided is concentrated to a very small area 

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